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Better Business Bureau

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Angies List

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Guild quality

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Other Reviews

A full bathroom renovation was requested and done. KM Builders has a definitive process whereby each trade specialty, the project manager, architect, and homeowner meet prior to the beginning of the project to review each step of the process. This was extremely informative. From that meeting and throughout each phase of the project, I was kept informed of the project's status as well as what would take place the following day. The trade specialities did an excellent job from the demolition to the tiling to the installation of the vanity, countertop, toilet, shower, mirror, walls, etc. The project manager stayed abreast of all aspects of the project and was always available to answer questions and allay concerns. Overall, an outstanding job! I highly recommend this company. You will get the best product and results ever! 
D. Bircon, June, 2015

We attended a tour of remodeled homes in 2011 and asked two participating companies for design ideas and estimates. KM Builders had many great ideas and we chose them to do the work. They came up with a great design and with a few changes we asked for, began the actual remodeling work in March 2012. They gutted and remodeled our kitchen and added a custom hutch in the breakfast room as well as a skylight. A wall between the kitchen and living room was removed and a new support beam installed. New tile floors were installed in the kitchen, breakfast room, hallway and entry. The kitchen ceiling was remodeled into a tray ceiling with a skylight, stained crown moulding, and LED lighting. They installed new gas lines so we could have a gas cooktop, reworked the plumbing, installed new fixtures, appliances, countertops, custom cabinets with LED lighting, granite countertops, and a tile backsplash. They also repainted the kitchen, breakfast room and scraped the popcorn ceiling in the living room and repainted it. They removed four half-walls with spindles from the kitchen and dining room. In other words, they transformed our outdated 80s kitchen and made it into a showpiece. We are extremely happy with the remodel. The cabinets were custom made by a great company here in San Antonio, and they are beautiful as well as very functional.
B. Pace, March, 2012

The rebuild we requested was both simple and complex, because it was a wall I had installed 16 years ago and had gotten waterlogged from recent rains. From first contact by the designer to the last pickup of debris, the managers and employees were first-rate professionals. The owner, Keith, even came out to explain a workaround that was required to waterproof the construction. In the end, the cleanup crew even ran a magnet over the work areas to make certain all magnetic fasteners were picked up. This was an amazingly positive experience, and we've had a lot of negative ones [with other contractors] to contrast with it!
P. Cunningham, July, 2015

The KM team did a great job and the quality of the finished product was outstanding. Although we were extremely particular, Keith was very patient and helped us understand every aspect of the project. The entire building process went as planned and the quality of the products was just as described. Even after years of sunlight, the cedar was never re-stained and looks beautiful. We recently sold our home after 15 years of celebrations and fond memories on our patio. During the process, we had multiple offers, all because everyone loved our cedar covered patio!!
D. Graham, August, 2015

KM Remodeling LLC has always done an excellent job fulfilling our wishes for a professional remodeling of our home. After comparing the years of service with quality of workmanship and the Better Business rating, I chose KM time and time again for all our home upgrades. My husband and I were never disappointed. The professional work done spoke volumes about the type of respect given to our home. With each contract the work was done in a professional manner, taking into account the special handicap needs of the owner. This was greatly appreciated. I don’t think there was one area that could have been improved. We especially enjoyed working Luis and Mike- both very professional in their work ethics. I would definitely recommend KM as a company that is honest, professional and willing to work with their clients toward a finished design that meets everyone’s expectations.
K. Borland, June, 2015

We were pleased with their overall experience, the ability to keep informed on the status of the project, the professionalism of the staff along with the craftsmanship, quality and value that KM provides.
McGill, June, 2015

Took the kitchen down to the walls, and then removed one of the walls! All new cabinets, granite counters, painting, new lighting system, new wood-look tile flooring, removal of popcorn ceiling, new garage door and pantry door, as well as installation of new French doors to patio. Complete re-design!! They were very helpful in creating a design that fits me, and the workers were, to a person, helpful, polite and professional. I love my new kitchen. Not the cheapest but certainly super quality!
Garwood, June, 2015

Five stars on customer service, overall experience, ability to keep client informed, professionalism, cleanliness of the work site, organization, craftsmanship, project schedule, overall quality and value. 
H. Hargraves, April, 2015

KM Builders replaced my existing roof after we had found there was a large amount of water damage to an inside room. They helped us identify the root cause and made the repairs for us. Our home is two stories and we have 9-12% slope, which the roofers handled with ease. The entire process was completed in two days.
S. Tollison, March, 2015

It’s hard to believe our “New Kitchen” is already 1 yr. old. We have enjoyed it so much and have received many compliments. Thank you! Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
W& A. Hoelscher, November, 2014

I was referred by a friend who had his house remodeled. I met with Keith...great experience. We had ideas, but Keith brought out even more, which we liked. I am still doing business with him on remodeling. All his employees have a special trade and it shows. I was fortunate to be at home as the project was being done. The guys were great...no problems. They worked with me and made suggestions I liked. I even think I made a lot of friends. The workmanship is good. I would give them a pat on the back. I would recommend this company! 
V. Winkler, September 25, 2014

Over the past 15 years we have used KM Remodeling for 4 different projects. (1) Kitchen remodel (2) Sunroom addition (3) Master Bed & Bath remodel (4) Living Room remodel. They are the BEST (or we wouldn't have had them back so many times!). On our latest remodel Mike, the project manager, and all the teams (Nacho & Nacho Jr, Jesse & Jeremy and everyone else) have been outstanding to work with. Always neat and tidy and so friendly…after a while they truly feel like family! It's not often you can find someone who will do such a professional job. When you find them...keep them. I hope you will call Keith (owner) and his crew if you need remodeling done on your home!
T. Myers, August 17, 2014

The owner took a personal interest in taking care of what I needed and was very professional. The quality of workmanship is wonderful, and the area is always kept clean. They have completed several jobs for us.  
C. Hardin
, June 13, 2014

KM BUILDERS made a major job seem a lot seem a lot smaller than I expected. My construction was not elective, it had to be done for the stability of my home. KM gave me a clear, itemized quote. They assigned me a project manager who contacted me daily with the next phase of the project, and any questions about that phase that I may have had were answered and addressed before any work continued. All the technicians were professional in their work and their presentation. They respected the areas of my home they were working in and cleaned the area each day before they left. The work came in on budget and in the time-frame established. I will never have to shop around for a contractor again because I know KM will be there for me, no matter the size of the project.  
T. Waller, May 26, 2014

KM BUILDERS remodeled our kitchen and bathroom, and I was very satisfied with the end product, including what they did and how they did it. They put the workers in teams so I could evaluate each team. It all worked out real good. Everything went as planned and everyone was very courteous. It was a good experience.   
G. Parma, April 23, 2014

KM BUILDERS does roofs- And boy, do they know their stuff! Victor, our estimator, was businesslike, professional and knowledgeable. The suggestions he made and the information he gave us was timely and right on the mark. The installation crew didn’t waste a minute. It was very windy the day they were here and much of the old material they had to remove from our roof was blown all over the neighborhood. It was amazing to me that they were able to round it all up. But they didn’t miss a scrap. The guarantee KM BUILDERS offers on the roofing materials and installation is excellent. But here’s the thing that sold us on KM: They’ll fix interior damage to the ceiling if their roof ever leaks. Good Price, Good Material, and Good People. KM BUILDERS has it all! 
K. Blake, April 22, 2014

KM BUILDERS did some indoor painting at our house, but before that they did work on a bathroom for us.  They’re excellent! You don’t have to worry about anything. They come, and they’re neat. The work they did, both the painting and the bathroom, is just beautiful!  We love them, and they’re probably the only people we’ll ever use.  
J. Thomas, April 21, 2014

My experience with KM BUILDERS was very good.  Before I bought my house, they had done some work on it. I found their address and contact information in a file, so I called them to refinish some decks and doors.  At first, they came to do a consultation. The one I spoke to over the phone was the one who came to do the quote. They then provided me with a written quote, which they met exactly...they didn’t add anything to it by the end of the project. It took them a few days to complete everything, because they worked during the summer, there were definitely weather issues to consider. Every day that they came to do work though, they arrived exactly when they said they would. They did a beautiful job in the end, and I was very satisfied with the service. 
Jerry A., January 6, 2014

KM took our house from an embarrassing mess to a beautiful and comfortable almost-new home. They replaced our windows and floors. They redid the ceilings and painted the walls. They gutted and replaced the kitchen and a bathroom. They turned our master shower into a closet, turned the master bath into a walk-in shower, and upgraded a downstairs bathroom. We absolutely love our house now. If you could only see the before and after photos, you would understand how they totally changed our lives. They were awesome to work with. 
J. Baker, November 26, 2013

KM BUILDERS has done two projects for me in the past and I was very satisfied with work. I called them on a Friday afternoon around 3 p.m. and asked them to help me by fixing my door ASAP (same day). They sent a gentleman by the name of Robert (he had already left for the day). He fixed the door by 7:30 p.m. that night.  He did an excellent job and did it with a smile. He never made me feel like a burden. Made a bad experience BETTER!! THANKS! 
R. Gutierrez, November 19, 2013

We’ve hired KM BUILDERS to do several projects for us, and we are very satisfied with all the work they have done for us. They did a complete remodel of our kitchen, ripping it down to the bare bones and then adding an extension. They also installed floor-to-ceiling windows in our dining room. The results are great! We actually made it on the NARI Tour of Remodeled Homes. I like that KM BUILDERS stands behind their work and quickly addresses any glitch that might arise. We have been totally satisfied with their service and the quality of the work they do. I would give them a A+ in every category, from the quality of the work to the personnel to their attention to detail. I would trust them to do more work for us, and in fact we are in that process now. 
V. Rugh, November 13, 2013

KM BUILDERS did an addition to our house. It went great. They were all very professional. This was our first time working with them. They came on time every time, the work site stayed clean, and they delivered every promise they made. They’re just the best in their industry. 
K. Robinson, November 12, 2013

KM BUILDERS did a large covered patio with extra concrete around the pool. The patio has brick pillars, a tile floor, planters and a grooved ceiling. It is absolutely beautiful. The painters did a great job, too. This is actually the second patio we’ve had KM build. We knew what to expect! 
K. Lunsford, November 7, 2013

Keith of KM BUILDERS was just excellent to work with. He has a radio show here in town that’s very informative. I’ve listened to it for a long time. We had a water damage in our house and chose him to replace all the baseboards in the house. As a follow up, we’re going to have him do our bathroom as well. His whole team is very friendly and courteous. They did quality work. They had planned on taking five days, but they really only took four. Everything turned out perfectly for us. 
 E. Garland, November 1, 2013

KM BUILDERS redid my whole bathroom. They took out a tub with steps and made a huge shower with a seat in it. It’s really, really pretty. I love it because I was having trouble with my leg and found the tub to be pretty slippery. They made it all wonderful. They did the floor and countertop, too. It’s my favorite room in the house! 
R. Nowak,October 14, 2013

I have had KM BUILDERS do numerous projects around my house, from a fabulous patio roof cover, to updating our master bathroom, wainscoting in our dining room to a total kitchen makeover. I have no problem leaving his workers in my house while I’m not there. His workers are top notch. 
D. Bayley, October 10, 2013

They remodeled my master bathroom and closet and did a very good job. I am also a contractor, but I know this is their expertise and I didn’t want to have anyone else but them come do the work. 
C. Rose, July 27, 2013

The entire job was great, they were professional and did what they said they would do and they took care of any issues I had whatsoever. I have already recommended the company to a friend and they have been satisfied with their work as well. 
D. Richards, December 14, 2012

The workers come on time and stayed “on task” the whole time they were here. They have all been very nice people, from the owner to the men working in the house. KM does a great job of making it as comfortable for my family, dogs and me.  
J. Baker, July 23, 2012

Complete remodel of our downstairs area, including kitchen, fireplace, powder room, taking down a piece of wall, brand new stairs and railing and all new flooring. This was a major project, which essentially gave us a our “forever home.” We were very satisfied with KM’s services. Good communication throughout the entire project is of great importance to us and they definitely provided that. Another very important aspect to us is that we were always able to leave the house and feel comfortable about the KM workers being home alone. Even with a major remodel like we did, KM made the whole process run as smoothly as possible and we were able to stay in our house throughout the whole time. This was our third and biggest project with KM and they are currently at our house for our forth project. We are completely satisfied with their work. Their employees are courteous and professional and always do a fantastic clean-up job as well. I already have another project in mind and I wouldn’t call anybody else. When KM does it you know it’s done right!  You could have somebody else remodel your home, but then you’d have to live in it.  
K. Guthrie, March 2012