KM BUILDERS videos and short vids updated weekly! 

Find out the pros and cons of different flooring options such as Laminate, Wood, Vinyl and Tile. 

Learn about the most popular remodeling projects! Find out what the most popular ones are, what they cost, and why. 

Join Keith Moehle and Morgan Moehle Roberts as they they discuss the pros and cons of Granite, Quartz, Marble, Formica and Concrete countertops!

In this KM Short video, we listen to the Kirns tell us their experience using KM Builders to design their home.
Meet your...Architectural Design Manager at KM Builders. Watch the full video to familiarize yourself with our design process, and the face behind it. What questions do you have for us?
Meet your kitchen designer at KM BUILDERS.
In this week's KM Short, we look in on the first few stages of the building process. It is a drastic adjustment to a home in the beginning, but well worth the endurance. For our client's home featured in the video, some of the many projects being accomplished here are a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel(s), and an addition to the master bedroom on the rear view of the home. Notice the elevations and plans showed briefly in the video. These are a few of the multiple series of DETAILED documents that will be an asset to your project's progression and your insight on all future activity. We are eager for you to begin the exciting process of working hand in hand with our designers in bringing your dream home transformation a reality.
Good afternoon all! This week's KM Short video looks in on a testimonial of one of our dear clients. We desire ALL to experience the same assistance and satisfaction as Mrs. Rokovich. We put your needs as our first priority at KM. Visit our showroom! Or, call 210.680.5626 to schedule a consultation.
In this SHORT video, KM reveals one of our goals for this year. You heard right, a bigger and better architectural team. We have numerous expert hands designing your ideas, carefully and precisely. We are constantly striving to heighten our standards and improve our processes. We are excited for what this year will continue to bring. Will you be apart of our journey?
In KM Short No. 2, KM BUILDERS gives insight into the results of our hard work and dedication. Mr. And Mrs. Rodriguez were such a pleasure to work with. As shown in the video, we strive to develop a friendship that revolves around trust and the actions to prove it. Also, Keith mentions our "Barefoot Clean Policy". That's right! No shoes, no problem. It is our desire that you are able to enjoy the whole process in comfort, every "step" of the way...
Today is a special day because our first "KM Shorts” video from our series is now available for your viewing. It’s a short one, but we promise you our content will ALWAYS be of benefit to you. In KM Short No. 1, we are at ease to know that our windows are being installed with the utmost care and precision. Quality preparation equals quality craftsmanship. Tune in next week for KM Short No. 2!
KM BUILDERS proudly introduces a new feature for our audience interaction. We have and will continue to produce a series of short videos for our home owners to better acquaint themselves with the KM family and behind the scene action. We want your feedback and hope that you enjoy the new and exciting facet of KM BUILDERS!