Remodeling Tips


Ladies, you know that feeling when you’ve planned the perfect outfit and now you need to find accessories to top it all off? Well, picking light fixtures can feel the same way.

You’ve spent weeks carefully planning and anticipating what your new remodel will look like, and now it's time to pick the finishing touches with light fixtures. Just like planning your perfect outfit, you don’t want your light fixtures to overpower your remodel, but you also don’t want them to be too simple. You want your light fixtures to have a “cherry on top effect” on your newly remodeled space.

Pendant lighting is the perfect solution to get that “cherry on top” effect. You can easily mix and match styles and textures to coordinate with your design. Pendant lighting can also give your space a sense of depth and provide light in hard to reach areas of a room. Finding unique pieces with some of these features help bring some of your personality and aesthetic to your room. 

Here is a list of the most recent trendy pendant fixtures. 

Wood Stream_0192.jpg
  • Geometric Designs - An easy way to make your home feel modern is by incorporating sharp angles and geometric patterns. One or two geometric pieces will be sure to make a standout statement!

  • No-Glass Lanterns - No-glass lanterns have become a hot commodity in kitchen lighting. These pendants give a modern twist on traditional lighting by reducing glare and giving your kitchen a modern, open look. 

  • Orb Lights - Orb pendants have become very popular for modern design. Their simple lines and bold yet natural shapes make them the perfect accessory for any modern or transitional space.   

  • Blown Glass - Glass pendants are sure to bring class and a little sass to any style of room. They make for a perfect statement piece that will brighten up any room.

  • Edison Pendants - We all know the Edison bulb. It’s a staple for modern industrial design that gives the perfect amount of a soft glow. Edison pendants can also be used in farmhouse styles to create a cozy ambiance.

  • Vintage Metal - Vintage has grown to become a very popular style. Vintage metal pendants are the perfect match to complete an industrial style or farmhouse style. They also pair great with recessed can lights to make your room feel brighter.

  • Modern Crystal Chandeliers - When we say crystal chandelier, we’re not talking about your grandma’s crystal. We’re talking about today’s modern shaped chandelier paired with modern crystals. Combine this with your vintage dining room set, and you’ll have a room that’s Pinterest worthy. 

  • Golden Hues - In this day and age, gold is the new black. Pendants that have soft gold and burnished hues are great for creating a modern retro look. Gold pendant lighting can also be used as a bold statement piece for a home office or reading room.  

  • Squares and Rectangles - Square and rectangle shapes scream modern. Their simple lines and absence of glass style paired with a wood trim makes for a very popular modern style.

Most of the styles we mentioned are well suited for modern design but there are still ways to incorporate them in traditional or transitional spaces. Pendants with weathered or galvanized finished will blend easily with several different styles. Finding pendants with mixed materials will give your space more of a custom look. Another way to ensure your pendant light matches your personal style is by looking for pieces with unique textures such as antique glass, frosted glass, hammered brass, rubbed bronze, or wrought iron. 

No matter what kind of remodeled look you may be going for, KM BUILDERS can help you get there. With 35 years of expert experience and full staff design team, we’re the perfect solution to all your remodeling needs. Call us at 210-680-5626 to set up your free consultation today!

----KM Builders is San Antonio's premier design-build remodeler specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, and whole-house remodeling. We boast the largest in-house staff in San Antonio offering architectural design, interior design, and cabinet design for all your home remodeling needs!


To remodel or not to remodel, that is the golden question. Many homeowners often wonder if it’s worth their time and money to remodel their current home or if they should buy a new home that already has the features they’re wanting. 

Nothing can replace the feeling of buying your first family home. This is the home that you start your family in and begin to raise them. This is where you continue traditions and maybe even start new ones. The first family home will be the home that will have a significant emotional attachment on your heart. So when your family starts to grow or your lifestyle changes, how do you decide to move on to find your forever home or remodel your family home to become a forever home? 


Well if you’re thinking about buying a new home to get all the upgrades you want, here are a few things to consider. In terms of overall cost, it will cost less per room to buy a new home than to remodel it. However, the low cost per room is the only cost saving advantage when it comes to buying a new home. Buying a new home comes with a bigger payment and over a longer period of time. In order to have more in your new home that is bigger and better than what you had in your old home, you’re going to have to spend about 100,000 to 150,000 more in your new home. 

Not only will you have a bigger payment, but you’ll also have to pay higher taxes and your home insurance will increase on a new home. With buying a new home, you also have the added cost of hiring movers or renting trucks to help you move. 

With remodeling, your home insurance will not increase and your taxes won’t increase on any interior remodeling. Now if you do a room addition and add square footage to your home, your taxes may slightly increase. With remodeling, you get a better value because you have more custom options to choose from. With buying a new custom home, the builder may have pre-selected custom options to pick from and you still have to pay extra for a true custom kitchen or other custom options. 

But with remodeling, you have a much larger variety of custom options to choose from. If your current home has a certain charm that you already love, you can choose custom options that will accentuate more of that charm! And every homeowner knows that nothing can beat the neighborhood, the schools, or the emotional attachment that your first family home has. 

Here at KM BUILDERS, we’re family owned and operated so we understand the importance of family. We want to help turn your first family home into your forever home. We want to give you the opportunity to make more memories and create new traditions. So call our team at 210-680-5626 to see how can transform the home you love into the home you’ll want to retire in. 

----KM Builders is San Antonio's premier design-build remodeler specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, and whole-house remodeling. We boast the largest in-house staff in San Antonio offering architectural design, interior design, and cabinet design for all your home remodeling needs!


High ceilings are a feature on most people's wish list when they’re looking for a new home. They feel it will make a cramped room feel more open or make a big room feel very grand. 

While high ceilings are at the top of everyone’s wish list, what do you do with the high ceilings in your garage? We’ve noticed that in many of the newer construction homes, the ceiling in the garage is the same height as the tall ceilings in the rest of the home. Most homeowners or buyers may not think anything of it but some see it as a waste of space. 

If you’re wondering how you can convert the unused space while still being able to park your car in your garage, a garage loft may be the perfect solution!  A garage loft is a room that’s suspended above the ground level and right under the roof of your garage. By creating a loft over the empty space, you get to keep your cars parked inside and you now have extra square footage added to your home without having to do a full addition. 


Having that extra square footage now gives you more ways to enjoy your home!

  • Larger mudroom and Laundry Room: having a large laundry room with a mudroom is a HUGE bonus to your home. When the kids come home from their sports practice or your husband comes home from his hunting and fishing trip, you now have a designated space to leave the muddy boots and stinky uniforms behind. The extra laundry space will now make folding a breeze! 

  • Man Cave: Now ladies, I know we like to think that we deserve all the special attention since we’re the ones who take care of the home but sometimes our husbands deserve some attention too. So wives, let's dote on our husbands for once and treat them with a space of their own. A garage loft will allow your husband to have the man cave of his dreams and fill it with all his hunting and fishing trophies, sports memorabilia, and the best billiards games. And best of all ladies, you won’t have to see it in your space!

  • Home Gym: Health and fitness have become a very important aspect of today’s culture. But the cost of having a gym membership can really add up which makes for the perfect excuse to install a home gym in your garage loft! You can add equipment that is tailored to your fitness needs. 

  • Home Office: Working from home can be both rewarding yet challenging at the same time. Not having a designated space to work and concentrate can become very frustrating. You can easily turn the unused space in your garage into a large home office with plenty of room for you to operate in. Having a designated home office will allow you to have the peace of mind you need to concentrate on your work. 

  • Extra Bedroom: The idea of putting an extra bedroom over your garage may sound strange but it has actually become very common for families with multiple children. Instead of forcing your kids to share a bedroom, one can move their belongings into the garage and have their own space. Normally this is used for one of the older kids because they’re ready for more responsibilities and would like more privacy. 

  • Extra Living Area: Some of the new construction homes don’t have a family room, meaning families don’t have as many places to hang out with each other. That’s why some homeowners are transforming their garage into a makeshift family room. 

  • Media room: A garage loft makes for an ideal space to set up a media room. You can easily set up a home theatre with a few lounge chairs, a popcorn machine, a candy bar, and an easy to install projector and screen. You could also put a few games like a hockey table or pool table to turn your garage into the ultimate hang out spot.

Call our team at 210-680-5626 to schedule your free consultation with Keith on how we can convert your garage!

----KM Builders is San Antonio's premier design-build remodeler specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, and whole-house remodeling. We boast the largest in-house staff in San Antonio offering architectural design, interior design, and cabinet design for all your home remodeling needs!


Starting a remodeling project is such an exhilarating experience. You begin imagining what the final project will look like and you think of the party you’ll plan to show off your new renovation.

However, in all the excitement of wondering and planning, you can sometimes forget or overlook some of the terms that contractors use in their advertisements. While they may sound good, they can sometimes have a hidden meaning.

For example, most contractors or remodelers will advertise that they have a full staff of employees ready to work on your project. They set a schedule for your project and they tell you their guys will show up on these days at this time. But as they begin working on your project, you notice that fewer and fewer people are showing up to the job. And you notice that the employees start to show up at times that were not the times discussed by your contractor. When you confront your contractor about it, you find out that the “full staff of employees” they advertised are actually a handful of subcontracted employees. 


Since these employees are sub-contracted out by the contractor, they’re not obligated to follow your contractor's schedule and often make their own schedules of when they want to show up, what time they want to show up, and how long they feel like working on your project. And if they’re subcontracted to other jobs as well, they might prioritize higher paying jobs over your project. 

So when you’re considering a contractor for your next remodeling project, make sure to ask what kind of employees they have. If your contractor has a full team of W-2 employed workers, you’re good to go. But if they say that have a large team of subcontracted employees, then you should think twice before using their service. 

Here at KM BUILDERS, you’ll never have to worry about what kind of employees we use because we do have a full staff of W-2 employed workers as well as a full team of in-house designers, architects, and estimators. So give us a call at 210-680-5626 for your next remodeling project and we promise to give a high-quality job with the best high-quality team. 

----KM Builders is San Antonio's premier design-build remodeler specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, and whole-house remodeling. We boast the largest in-house staff in San Antonio offering architectural design, interior design, and cabinet design for all your home remodeling needs!


In honor of celebrating 35 wonderful years of being in business and we wanted to share our humble beginning with you. 

IMG_1528 (1).jpg

KM BUILDERS was founded in June of 1984 when Keith Moehle created KM Construction which was geared towards new construction. Keith carried the business from 1984 to 1989 right up until the peak of the Savings and Loans crisis which hit the U.S economy hard in the late ’80s. It was very hard for Keith and the team to find work in new construction so he decided to take a carpentry position with USAA for stability and kept KM Construction running part-time on the side. Everyone thought he was crazy for working both jobs, but his hard work paid off when Keith ended up being laid off from USAA in 1996. 

After he was laid off, Keith bounced right back with KM BUILDERS full time doing new construction, outdoor living, and other small remodeling projects. After 4 years, Keith and his team hit 1 million in gross profits! Then in 2003, Keith decided he wanted to shift his focus from new construction and wanted to dive deeper into remodeling. After that, business was booming! Keith and the team had even started another side company doing air conditioning and plumbing. 

Then came the big recession in 2008. KM BUILDERS took a hard hit with business volume cutting in half overnight. But Keith persevered and was able to keep the business running into the successful and largest full remodeling company that we know and love today. 

Some of the lessons that Keith and his team learned as the keys to success:

  • Starting a business is not easy and requires hard work and dedication

  • Be nimble, flexible, aggressive, and be willing to change. Learn to focus not on what you want to do but what you have to do in order to keep the business going

Some of the wise words of wisdom that Keith likes to share with everyone:

  • Don’t compromise on your principles and business values

  • Have a passion for what you do

  • Be loyal and learn to invest in people

  • Be knowledgeable and always continue to learn something new

  • Learn to have a self-sacrificing attitude

So if you want to a remodeler that is truly experienced and can defy the odds, call our KM team at 210-680-5626.

----KM Builders is San Antonio's premier design-build remodeler specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, and whole-house remodeling. We boast the largest in-house staff in San Antonio offering architectural design, interior design, and cabinet design for all your home remodeling needs!


You always hear horror stories on the news of how some poor homeowner was taken advantage of by another contractor who scammed them. Heck, this happens so often we even have a segment on our radio show dedicated to warning people of these lame contractors. 

There are many promises contractors like to use to make themselves sound trustworthy. You may hear or terms like bonded and insured on their radio advertisements, on a billboard, or in an ad from a newspaper or magazine. While this may sound like good advertising, have you ever wondered what these terms actually mean?


When a contractor says they’re bonded, it really means that they have a surety bond. A surety bond or surety is a promise that another party will pay to find you a new contractor if your current contractor fails to meet the obligation of fulfilling the terms of your contract or they’ll give out a payment for the project. This protects the contractor against losses resulting from failure to meet the obligation. 

So in simple terms, a separate party will pay to find you a new contractor if your current contractor fails to meet the obligations of your contract or if the contractor is unable to complete the project, the customer will receive an insurance payment to complete the unfinished work. So if you were presented with this type of guarantee, why wouldn’t you want to go with that company or contractor? 

Well, you should first know that it is extremely costly for a company to be bonded and insured. It would be almost impossible for the business to keep running if they had that type of insurance policy. So it’s more than likely if your contractor is advertising that they’re bonded and insured, they’re probably not. Now they’re already lying to you before they even start your project. Why would you want to work with a company or contractor with faulty promises? 

If you decide to work with a company or contractor that advertises that they’re bonded and insured, make sure you ask for the proof. Also, make sure to ask what type of insurance they have. If the project were to catch fire, flood, or if someone was to get hurt on the job, who is responsible for that? These are very important details you should know before signing a contract. 

With KM BUILDERS, we don’t try to be something we’re not.  You can always count on our team to be honest and truthful. We give you full disclosure about our policies upfront in the first meeting. So call our team at 210-680-5626 to ask how we can help start your next remodel project without the worry of being suckered into a scam.