THE ROKOVICH STORY / by Keith Moehle

Mrs. Rokovich is a wonderful, repeat client of ours. We’ve remodeled her kitchen and bath, as well as, a complete exterior (siding, paint and metal roofing) major transformation. She was so pleased with the previous work done to her home that when she decided to remodel her detached garage, she knew exactly who to call!

Remodeling this garage was no easy feat. The old structure was beginning to crumble to the ground. The paint was badly worn from years of wear and tear, not to mention that it was lead paint. The garage doors had already begun to buckle and were ready to fall off the hinges. The walls of the structure were also beginning to warp and were coming apart at the seams. 


We knew we couldn't knock down the old structure and rebuild because the current building restrictions wouldn’t allow us to build a new structure in the existing location. If we were to rebuild, we would have had to reposition the new garage much closer to the house which would be very undesirable.

The best option was to restore and salvage some of the existing structure so that the location could remain the same. (It would be “grandfathered”.) We were able to save the rafters and the overhang. That was about it but it was enough to allow us to keep the existing location! Then, we used a technique called cribbing to lift the structure off the ground. Cribbing is a technique where you use timbers logs, similar to lincoln logs, stacked up together to hold support beams as the structure is lifted by hydraulic jacks. As the jacks lift the structure higher, you can stack more and more timber logs for support. To reinforce the timbers, we fastened OSB sheathing around the stacks to keep them stable. Large beams are then placed on the stacks which hold up and support the suspended structure while we pour the new foundation underneath. The salvaged pieces from the old structure are reinforced with bracing and those braces are drilled into the reinforced beams. This prevents the suspended structure from tilting or moving as our crew worked in and around the construction zone.    

To finish off this remodel, we used a smooth finish on the concrete which seals the pores and helps to prevent stains. The smooth finish on the concrete also helps to clean spills. We used fiber cement siding and trims to provide long-term, rot-proof, beauty. The siding on the garage also matches the siding on the home to create a continuous, cohesive appearance. In the attached storage room to the side of the garage, we did all new paint, shelving, and laid down new waterproof and durable Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring. We also installed a new, remote-controlled, garage door for easy access into the garage. And check out the beautiful garage doors!

The old detached garage didn’t allow Mrs. Rokovich to use it the way a garage should be used. She wasn’t able to fit her car in because of the failing door and using the storage room was risky due to the buckling walls. Now, Mrs. Rokovich has a beautiful and accessible garage that matches her charming home. 

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