As we grow and our lifestyles change, so will your home. You may be a first-time home buyer not knowing what to do with all the rooms in your new home, or you might be an empty nester trying to think of how TO use the rooms your kids once USED. 

At any stage of our lives, there is probably a spare room in your home that you may not know what to do with. While the ideas may seem overwhelming, it can actually turn out to be a little hidden treasure in your own home! Here are our designers' top favorite ideas to transform your spare room.

  • Freshen up your guest room with a new coat of paint or wall treatment: a little bit of wainscoting or wood paneling and some fresh paint can go a long way! You could even combine both by carrying the wood paneling to the ceiling and painting it a bright, bold color to make a great focal feature. 

  • Home media room for movies and games: unfortunately, not every home will come with an unfinished basement, attic, or garage for you to turn into a family media room. But you can turn a spare room to become your family's media room! You can start with a large entertainment center to make room for large tv. Then add a pool table or hockey table, a futon for comfortable seating, and some extra storage space for board games and then you have yourself a comfy little media room! 

  • A lounge bar: let's face it, as adults we sometimes have more hard days than good days, and we need a refreshing beverage to wind down after that long day. Well instead of debating on going out or going home, you can have the option of enjoying your favorite refreshment at home by converting your spare room into your very own lounge bar!

  • A home office: You may have the luxury of converting your basement or garage into your home office, but sometimes that’s just too much space and you may feel isolated from the rest of the home. Turning a spare room into your quaint and cozy home office will still allow you to have privacy so you can concentrate on your work without feeling isolated. 

  • A multipurpose room for sewing, crafts, and gift wrapping: If you’re gifted in the talent of crafts, you need your own creative space and a spare room is your solution. You can install custom storage shelving so that each of your crafting supplies has a home. You can have a wide table that will allow you to wrap, sew, and craft your heart out. 

  • Home library or reading room: for those of us who love to get lost in the world of fiction, we need our space to getaway. With your own personal reading room, you can collect all your favorite books without running out of shelving space or running back and forth to your local library. 

  • Home gym: Now a basement or garage might make more sense for a home gym, but you also have to think of the added costs to finish the space and add central air so you don’t pass out in the middle of your workout. With a spare room, you can install new rubber flooring and new gym equipment to sweat out all your stress away. 

  • A designated playroom and homework area: This idea is for all the moms out there. No matter how much you pick up and clean your kids' mess, their toys and paper trail of homework will always manage to spread out across the room. Well, you can use a spare room to set up their toys, games, and homework. Then when you want your house to be clean, all you have to do is close the door!  

  • The ultimate closet or walk-in wardrobe: now ladies no matter what stage of life we’re in, we need a room where you can close the door and escape the world. The answer to that is to turn your spare room into your walk-in wardrobe. Here you can set up all your clothes, a full-length mirror, make-up vanity and shelf for books or magazines so you can close the door and spend quality time with yourself. 

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