When you hear the term minimalist, I think we can all agree that the first thing that comes to mind is Marie Kondo. We think about living only with the bare necessities and throwing out everything else. 

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 In today's world, the word minimalist can have several different meanings. It can be used to describe art, fashion, architecture, interior design, or a lifestyle.  In the eyes of Marie Kondo, it can also mean taking tidying up to the extreme. While it may seem simple, creating and maintaining a minimalist design is more than just embracing the “less is more” philosophy. If you’re thinking about taking on a minimalist lifestyle and wanting to bring the minimalist look into your home, here are a few basic principles you can follow.

  • Use a Neutral Base: A blank slate is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of creating a minimalist design, but you don’t need to move or throw away all of your belongings to achieve it. You can start by painting your walls a simple and light neutral color. Start by choosing hues in ivory or light grey and then compliment the wall colors with neutral flooring using natural materials such as jute or sisal area rugs, wood flooring, and stone tile. Once you create this simplistic neutral background, you can visually see where the clutter is in your home, where things are needed, and what is taking up unnecessary space.     

  • Embrace the Simplicity: When considering furniture and color schemes, your minimalist design doesn’t have to be boring or basic. You can find furniture pieces that have clean lines and solid, neutral tones that will complement your minimalist design scheme. Finding furniture pieces that have a double function will also help you keep the amount of furniture you have in a room down to a minimum while still allowing you to have the utility and functionality you need.  

  • Use stand out pieces that will make your design pop: While solids, neutrals, and natural elements are the perfect recipe for a minimalist design, using pops of color or pattern, in moderation will help to keep your space fresh and fun. You can add patterns with a vivid colored geometric rug or with small accent pillows. You can find a bright, fun colored sofa or chair that still have minimalist elements such as clean lines and wood tones for the arms and legs. You can also choose from different patterned or bright colored art pieces to hang on the walls. By including at least one bold, show-stopping accent piece, your minimalist design will be anything but boring or basic.    

  • Create visual balance: Creating a visual balance is key when designing your minimalist scheme. You want to make sure your room is balanced symmetrically by designing around a focal point. Your focal point can be a fireplace, a chandelier, a skylight, a round table, or a centrally-placed piece of artwork. Another way to create balance is to balance horizontally or vertically from a central line, meaning all your pieces should align horizontally or vertically.  You want your design to radiate balance from that focal point or central line so that your space will look visually balanced.  

  • Leave some breathing room: Something you really want to avoid when creating a minimalist design is crowding. In fact, the whole goal of creating a minimalist design is to have less clutter. So if you’re buying new furniture that has the double duty and the clean lines that we previously mentioned, you’ll want to get rid of one old item for every new item that you add. Plus, having less crowded furniture pieces will allow them to stand out more as well. And the less you have, the more you’ll truly be able to maximize your space!  

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