I think most of us can all agree that we love HGTV. Each show is filled with unbelievable transformations that inspire us to want to transform our own homes. 

HGTV makes renovating look so easy and seamless. The shows can give you an inspiration for the style you want, the type of project you want, the price range, and the timeline. After watching a few different shows or reading a few of their website articles, you might think you have your next project all planned out. But when you start looking for a contractor or remodeler in your area, the price range and the timelines don’t match what you searched. Well, we hate to burst your bubble but not everything that is seen on HGTV can be duplicated in your home as you see it on TV. 


Let's start with the pricing. Pricing for renovation projects varies from state to state and even city to city. What could be a $25,000 job in one area could be a $75,000 job in another area. Pricing also varies in the housing market. The same style home with the same amount of square footage may run for $ 300,000 in one area and $ 575,000 in another area. And unlike what you see on house hunters, you’re more than likely not going to find your first home or dream home after only looking at three houses. 

In terms of project timelines, no project takes 6 to 8 weeks from the first meeting to completion. When you watch property brothers or the famous fixer-upper, those shows and work crews have resources that your average contractor or remodeler will not have access to. Also, what those shows won’t show is all the time it takes for pre-planning your project. You have to take into consideration the time it takes for permitting, inspections, designing the new blueprints for the home, redesigning the project to accommodate for corrections or changes you may want to make to the design plans, etc. The pre-planning phase could take 6 weeks alone. Then once you start the project, you may experience delays due to weather or products being received behind schedule. Now, your remodeler will try to work on things inside to keep the project going but they can’t always control product delays from the vendor. HGTV can make these types of delays seem as if only a few days have passed but in reality, they can last a little longer. 

Since HGTV has set these seemingly doable yet unrealistic standards, homeowners try to cut corners by either trying to take on the project themselves or finding a contractor who promises low budgets and a speedy timeline both of which can lead to severe consequences. What some homeowners discover as they attempt to do the project themselves is that there’s more to the project that they didn’t consider and now they’re in over their heads. The homeowner may find a contractor who can guarantee low numbers and a 6-week timeline. Then halfway through the project, you come to find out that the contractor is not reliable, is not licensed, has unreliable subcontractors and is now unable to complete the job. Both of these situations now leave the homeowners with no choice but to call in a contractor to not only finish the project but also repair any damages which can add more to the cost and extends the timeline. 

Here at KM BUILDERS, we don’t want you to fall into the trap of trying to do the project yourself or using an unreliable contractor. Our goal is to help you design and build your remodeling project from beginning to end with the most reliable resources possible. We’ll answer all your questions and tell you everything you need to know upfront. So call us at 210-680-5626 to schedule your free consultation.

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