In almost any home remodel, an open concept floor plan is always at the top of the homeowner’s wishlist. They want to knock down the barriers that are keeping them from entertaining with their loved ones. 

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Open concept floor plans are in every DIY magazine, they’re on every HGTV show, and they’re on every designer's Instagram page. Open concept floor plans are probably one of the most highly coveted designs right now in the remodeling world. Even though everyone wants an open concept floor plan, it’s not always the most practical design. Open concept floor plans have many aesthetically pleasing pros, but they also have some functional cons.

Pros for Open Concept Floor Plans:

  • Open concept floor plans allow a small space to feel larger

  • Allows families to be closer together as parents are cooking and kids are playing or doing homework in the living room. 

  • More socially convenient as you’re cooking and preparing for gatherings. Your guests can converse with you in the kitchen and you don’t miss out on entertaining.

  • Open Concept floor plans allow you to have gorgeous sight lines throughout your home, allowing you to display your Instagram worthy home

  • An open concept floor plan can also eliminate any underused space in your home

Cons for Open Concept Floor Plans:

  • If you decide to do an open concept floor plan in a large space, it can make your room feel too big, empty or cold.

  • Even though homeowners like the open sightlines throughout the home to show off their beautiful design, it also makes it harder to hide the mess. Your home will always be on display and that includes the stacked up dirty dishes and all the clutter from kids, husbands, and the dogs' toys.

  • Lack of privacy is another issue with open concept floor plans. If you need a break or place to hide from guests or kids, you lose that opportunity with an open floor plan. 

  • When you start to knock down walls, the cost of installing a reinforced beam to replace any load-bearing wall may run your project a few dollars extra. 

So before you get ready to pick up the sledgehammer, sit down and think about what will work for your lifestyle and your family. Consult a designer to go over the functionality and the architectural details of your open concept floor plan so you can make a detailed and informed decision on what will work for your home and family. 

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