There are so many decisions that go into designing your remodeling project. Do you play it safe and go with a design that will stand the test of time, or do you go bold and choose a design that’s in line with the times? 

Asking yourself these questions can become overwhelming. Whatever direction you decide to take, you have to take into consideration the long term value of your design choices.  In other words, make sure you’ll be okay with living in your renovation over the next 5 to 10 years of living in your home. 


When we walk into our homes, we want to be able to feel relaxed, joy, and peace when we walk in the door. In order to achieve that feeling for years to come, we need to be flexible with our design choices. Our tastes in a style that we have today may change in the next two years or so. To avoid your home from looking boring or too trendy, you want to design your home with the ability to evolve as your lifestyle, personal tastes and needs change. 

Here are a few tips to help balance out trendy and timeless designs

  1. Make sure your investment pieces will stand the test of time...or at least have a high resale value. Investment pieces could be new furniture, a bold colored kitchen island, or a trendy brick style for the fireplace. While these pieces bring you joy now, you also want to make sure they’ll give your home a high resale value if you ever choose to sell your home later on down the road. 

  2. Let go of the idea that your tastes in style will never change. It’s part of our human nature to seek change and variety. So in choosing the design for your remodel, pick pieces and styles that will give you the flexibility to mix things up later down the road when you want a new look. 

  3. Think timeless for your base elements and trendy for your accent pieces. If you design too conservatively with timeless pieces, you’ll get bored easily. If you design too trendy, you’ll end up with a design that’s out of style in a few years and have to redesign all over again. Picking a neutral base will allow you to change your accent pieces as trends change.

  4. Create a flexible color scheme. Pick a neutral color for walls and cabinets then add pops of color by creating an accent wall or picking an accent color for your kitchen island. You can also change colors with new pillows or new rugs. 

  5. Design with the future in mind. As your picking the new pieces for your remodeled space or choosing the design elements to incorporate in your remodel, think of what you might want to change later on down the road. Making these decisions now will help you enjoy your home longer. 

With KIM BUILDERS, we have a full team of designers that can guide you through all the designing phases from beginning to end. Together with their help, we can ensure you’ll love your remodeled design for a lifetime. So give us a call at 210-680-5626 to set up your free consultation.