Once we’ve made the decision to remodel our homes, we make this promise in our minds to do better at keeping our renovated spaces clean. We devote ourselves to perform better in managing the clutter in our homes. 

No matter how hard we try to stay true to these promises, we always seem to fall short. The clutter just seems to lurk around the corners of our homes as we try to build these organizational barriers. Then as we’re starting to feel confident in our organizational efforts, it creeps right back into our homes. Now we’re back in the same wrestling match with the clutter we were in before the renovation. 

Before you totally begin to feel defeated, we have found a few strategic tips to help fight the battle against clutter. The first step you need to take is to identify where the clutter is building up. Then, you can begin plotting your plan of attack on the best way to declutter your space. Nevertheless, no matter what kind of remodeling project you’ve had in your home, these are the most common area where the clutter likes to hide. 


The Kitchen Countertop- This tends to be a personal favorite for clutter to hide. The kitchen countertops are the catch-all from everything thrown at them during the day. This is where the mail, bills, and kids’ homework or projects like to hide. Not only does it catch the daily paper trail of your everyday life, but it also exposes all the small kitchen appliances that crowd your kitchen countertops.  Some solutions to keep in mind are to:

  • maximize cabinet and drawer space by installing organization units behind closed doors. 

  • Choose under-cabinet mounts or create an appliance garage to hide small appliances by installing cabinet doors that open up and out like small garage doors. 

  • If you designed your kitchen with open shelves or pot racks, try not to overcrowd them. 

Crowded and dusty book shelves-While shelves and built-in shelving units can be used for organization; they can also be deceiving by only adding to our clutter problem. We start stacking items on a shelf thinking they’ll be neatly tucked away, but they still look cluttered because we’ve overcrowded them. To prevent overcrowding and excessive stacking:

  • Get rid of anything that you haven't read in over a year

  • Try to group your books, magazines, and decorative objects together

  • Sort items by size and color

  • Group books, magazines, and decorative objects in odd numbers

  • Place items that don’t need to be displayed in decorative boxes and place them on the lowest and highest shelves

The Entryway- this is clutter’s absolute favorite place to build up and collect. Coats, shoes, keys, chargers, handbags, you name it - the front entryway has probably got it. The front entryway is a revolving door for clutter that never really seems to slow down enough for you to keep up with it. To help keep the clutter down to a minimum:

  • Start small by adding a narrow table bookcase, or bench to hold keys, chargers, and other small items. A bench or a bookcase with doors and drawers will make it easier to hide the clutter. 

  • Add hooks and coat racks for jackets, bags, and backpacks

  • Add a charging station 

Overloaded Closets-This is a place where clutter likes to sneak up on us. We think that since it’s a closet space, we can just close the door and not see the clutter. But that’s exactly how the clutter sneaks up on us because we keep stuffing the closet until the clutter can’t be hidden anymore. To prevent your closet from being overstuffed:

  • Get rid of anything you haven’t worn or used in over a year

  • Install an organization system with shelves, baskets, boxes, and drawers

  • Box or bag seasonal items

Messy Garages- Garages are very similar to the overcrowded closest. We think we can stuff and hide the mess away, but before you know it, you’re having trouble parking your car or finding tools. Some simple solutions you can use to declutter your garage is to:

  • Store items in labels bins

  • Install garage shelving systems

  • Add hooks for bikes and other sporting gear

  • Add a pegboard to hang tools and other small items

From designing the remodel of your dreams to helping keep it clean, KM BUILDERS can do it all. We can design your remodel with storage solutions in mind or help you make design choices to help keep your remodel look fresh and clean for years to come. So give us a call at 210-680-5626 to set up your free consultation.