There’s never really a right time or a wrong time to start a remodeling project. Instead, you can take into consideration what advantages you gain once you decide to start your remodeling project. 

The truth is that there’s not a black and white answer that we can give. There can be a lot of factors that go into deciding when it’s time to remodel your home. But one of the main factors you should consider is what benefits you gain from starting your remodeling project. 

Again while no season is the absolute best time to start a remodeling project, the fall season does have some unique advantages that the other seasons may not have. 

  • More attention to your project - Contractors are in high demand come spring and summer because that's when most homeowners decide to start their remodeling projects. This can cause the timeline of a project to last a little longer than usual because contractors are having to spread their time and teams amongst a larger amount of projects. However, in the fall, fewer homeowners decide to start remodeling projects which means that contractors have some extra free time and extra labor available. You can take advantage of this free time by starting your remodeling project in the fall and you may get lucky with a shorter timeline and more attention to your project. 

  • Unique holiday gift - If you’re like most people, you worry and stress about finding the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones. Well, what if you found a gift that keeps on giving by deciding to start a remodeling project. This could be a gift between you and your spouse or maybe a gift from the kids to say thank you for all that you did while they were young. A remodeling project is an ideal gift to give because it will be customized to your personal tastes and can be enjoyed for many years or even generations to come.  

  • Kid free construction zone - The summer time can be a stressful season for parents. You have to figure out who will watch the kids while you’re at work, plan activities to keep them entertained and make sure they stay out of trouble. Now still imagine doing all that while your home is being remodeled. Talk about double trouble. But in the fall, the kids are at school which makes it less likely for them to disrupt the construction zone. The fewer kids involved in your remodel, the fewer gray hair you’ll see on your head. 

  • Less added stress - In the fall, there’s less stress you put on yourself by having that extra worry if your project will finish before that personal deadline you’ve placed in your mind. There’s no pressure to finish on your contractor to finish the project before the kids go back to school or before you have to leave on that family vacation you’ve been planning for months. You have more leisure time to put your home back in order the way you like at your own comfortable pace. Another added bonus to remodeling your home during the fall is that you get an easy out for family obligations. Your home doesn’t get to be in the running to host holiday celebrations and you don’t have to host your out of town guests.

Doing projects in the fall is one of our favorite things to do. The weather is better and we have the chance for a closer one-on-one client experience. If you’re ready to start your remodeling project this fall season, give our team a call at 210-680-5626. 

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