Here in Texas, we love our outdoor living spaces. We love to have large yards for the kids to play in, we want to have the maximum space for outdoor entertaining, and we want to make the best memories before the sun goes down. 


Now when you’re picturing using your outdoor living space, you’re most likely thinking of it being in the spring or summer because that’s when the majority of homeowners like to use their outdoor entertaining space. While you’re not wrong in imagining using outdoor entertaining space for the spring and summer months, your backyard oasis can be used for so much more! If you design it just right, your outdoor entertaining space can be used all year round! In fact, it’s probably begging you to use it for all occasions and right now is the perfect time to do it and here’s why. 

  • Better weather: In the spring and summer months, the heat can be excruciating working conditions for the construction crew which can delay your project as they have to take more breaks for water and shade. The spring and summer months can also come with unexpected rainstorms that can cause more unexpected delays. However, in the fall and winter months, the weather is more bearable with less rainy weather which makes for ideal working conditions. 

  • Get ahead of the spring rush: Most people chose to start their outdoor projects in early spring so that they can enjoy their new outdoor entertaining spaces by the summer. This creates a high demand for construction and remodeling crews as they’re trying to juggle multiple projects. By starting your project in the fall, most construction and remodeling crews are not as busy and will have more time to dedicate themselves to your project. This will also allow them to have fewer delays on your project timeline since they have some extra time on their hands.

  • More time to plan and enjoy: Planning and designing your project in the fall allows you to have more time to plan for what you want because there’s less pressure to have your space ready by the spring or summer. You also get to enjoy your space longer because you could start utilizing your outdoor entertaining space by early spring. And your outdoor entertaining space is not just for spring and summer, you could use it during the winter months by incorporating universal designs.

We all know that the top must-haves for any outdoor remodel is an outdoor dining area, an outdoor grill, kitchen and/or bar area and a large deck. But if you wanted to incorporate more of a universal design into your outdoor entertaining space, here are a few things you can do. 

  • Create a rooftop perch with a firepit in the center. This design will also allow you to create an outdoor dining or kitchen space tucked below.

  • Create a firepit focal point with plenty of lounge space

  • Add a chiminea near your outdoor dining space or create a cozy gathering area to feature the chiminea

  • Build a screened-in porch for your outdoor dining space to be used all year round and to keep out pests and bugs

The best part of having an outdoor fire pit or chiminea is that not only will it keep you warm in the winter and fall but they make for the perfect smores melting spot in the summer! So if you’re ready to transform your backyard into a year-round oasis, give us a call at 210-680-5626.

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