I think we can all agree that stone accents are a very popular look. We see them being used on the front exterior of homes, in backyard patios, and as accent walls inside the home. 


While stone accents are a highly coveted look, it can also be a pricy job to do. The weight of the stone needs to be properly set with ties and footing which add more to the cost of materials and labor. Natural stones are also susceptible to chips and cracks. One wrong move with just enough force could easily damage your stone accent walls. 

If you’re still wanting stone accents to be used in your home, there is hope for you by using stone veneer accents. Stone veneer will cost you less in installation and labor because it's lightweight. The lightweight of the stone veneer eliminates the need for ties and footings. Using a stone veneer will meet all building requirements as well. 

One vendor that we really enjoy using for stone and brick veneer is Eldorado Stone and here’s why.

  • Texture - To ensure that the veneer looks like genuine natural stone, Eldorado has created a special mold that is made from the shape of real stone. Eldorado takes their time in creating these molds by handpicking each individual stone making sure it’s the right shape, texture, size, and detail. When you compare Eldorado’s stone veneer and real natural stone, the difference is undetectable. 

  • Color - The color that Eldorado uses is unlike any other in the industry. They won’t use just any generic paint or spray paint to color and texturize their bricks and stone. Instead, Eldorado Stone has its own team of expert trained artisans that hand paint each individual piece. They use the highest quality mix of natural mineral oxides that infuse into the surface to create rich and authentic tones such as hints of rust, mossy greens, russet browns, and golden umbers. The color will only fade in the very slightest over time

  • Selection - Eldorado Stone offers one of the most extensive lines of stone and brick veneer not just in the country, but in the world. They have over 150 color palettes, with 20 national profiles, and 30+ regional profiles. There is an Eldorado Stone perfect for your next project.

Here at KM BUILDERS, we only believe in using high-quality products and Eldorado Stone definitely meets, as well as exceeds, our standards. You can use Eldorado Stone for a vast variety of projects ranging from accent walls inside your home to outdoor living spaces. 

If you’re ready to have Eldorado Stone incorporated into your next remodeling project, give us a call at 210-680-5626. We’ll set up a free consultation and give you more information on Eldorado Stone.

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