Unless you have a grand foyer in your home, no really thinks about decorating their front entryway. However, your entryway can have so much hidden potential!

It’s not common for most homes to have a grand entryway. In most new construction homes, the architects want more room to show off the open concept floor plan and the beautiful kitchen which leaves the front entryway with the short end of the stick. So naturally most homeowners put out a nice table, maybe a coat rack, and a decorative plant to call it a day. But there’s so much more than you can do!


Remove the closet door for a mini mudroom! - Most homeowners would do anything to have a little mudroom area to throw their shoes, coats, and keys right when they walk in. Unfortunately, most entryways are too small for a mudroom. But you can create a mini version of a mudroom by removing the door from your hall closet that's right off the entryway! Start by removing the door, then add a small bench with storage baskets underneath it, lastly add some hooks to hang your coats or bags and you now have a built-in mini mudroom! For a more custom look, you can add some beadboard to the inside wall of the closest. Who would have ever thought a hall closet would be so handy.

Double duty console table - Your slim entryway may not be much of a talking point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an accent table. Look for a skinny console table with storage. It’s an easy filler piece that you can decorate with small vases, pots, and candles for a welcoming feel when you walk in. 

Create a bold accent wall - If you have a small entryway, one way to make the entryway feel more grand is to create a bold accent wall. You can choose from a bold, bright paint color or a fun patterned wallpaper. This will add definition to your entryway and give it a sense of personality that would be considered overwhelming in other parts of your home.   

Add hooks and a bench - While you may not have a closet to convert, you can still have a mudroom like feel by adding a small bench and hooks. A bench with wall hooks will still allow you to kick off your shoes and hang your hat at the end of a long day. For extra decoration, you can compliment the bench and hooks with decorative baskets and ceramic pots to hold your umbrellas.

Add mirrors or a gallery wall - Hanging a mirror will make for a great statement piece and make a small entryway feel larger. Adding a gallery wall above a console table will help to define your space in a large open concept floor plan. The gallery wall is also a great way to add personality to your entryway.

Build out storage cubbies - If you don’t have storage in your entryway, you can easily add some built-in storage units. You can start out with a bench has room for decorative baskets underneath. Then you can add some cubby spaces that start at the top of the bench and go a few stacks high. Lastly, add a row of hooks that align with the top of the cubbies. This will give your entryway plenty of storage with a unique custom look. 

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