Hot or cold, a fireplace is always a great feature to have in your home. The fireplace has a certain appeal and charm that makes your home feel more welcoming. 

Your fireplace is a place where most of the family memories are made. Everyone gathers around and tells fun stories. The kids unwrap all their gifts by the fireplace. It’s an area where game nights are held and team battles are won. It’s the place to be on the weekends for football games, basketball games, and baseball games.  


But just like any other part of your home, your fireplace goes through normal wear and tear. If it’s time to update your fireplace, we’ve got some tips on how you upgrade your fireplace this fall. 

  • Cover your mantel shelf with a pine board - The fireplace is supposed to be the star of the show in your home. If it starts to look a little more drab than fab, it can really bring down the look and feel of the room. A fresh coat of paint and a new pine board will bring your fireplace back to life and bring a cozy rustic charm to your home.

  • Swap your mantel for a salvaged mantel - This idea of swapping out your old mantel for an older mantel may sound a bit taboo, but it can give your room that extra wow factor. By choosing a salvaged mantel, you can bring a little bit of old school vintage charm for a unique eclectic look in your home.  

  • Tile the hearth or the surround or both! - When it comes to the fireplace, it’s always the mantel that gets the attention. You can find a hundred different ways to update and remodel the mantel but the hearth and surround deserve some attention too. Instead of painting over the brick from last year, consider shaking things up with some fun tiles. Bricks will give your room a cozy rustic look but tiles will give your home a subtle modern flair. Artisan tiles are also a fun way to jazz up your fireplace because no two tiles are the same which will give your space a unique look. These tiles pair great with white subway tile or in a monochromatic theme. You can also use a tin tile pattern that matches the backsplash in the kitchen to tie your home together for mid-century modern design. This look will be sure to keep your home feeling warm all winter long.

  • Non-working fireplace, no problem! - Don’t let your non-working fireplace discourage you from upgrading your fireplace. You can still use all the remodeling tips we just mentioned to create a unique focal point for your home. You decorate the inside of the fireplace with river rocks and candles or store blankets in a basket for cozy storage. Add a mirror above the fireplace to create a standout statement. 

The kitchen may always be seen as the heart of the home but the fireplace is the heart of the family. So if your fireplace is needing some TLC, give our team a call at 210-680-5626. Our designers can’t wait to help your home get ready for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. 

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