It’s fall y’all and you know what that means...the winter season is right around the corner & that means family is coming over


You can see it now. The festive music playing in the background, the smell of your favorite cozy meals wafting in the air all while your family gathers and mingles throughout your home. Maybe there are family members you haven't seen in a while that are telling stories of their latest life adventures, or maybe your grandparents are reminiscing about their favorite childhood memories.  

Your home is full of warm, wonderful feelings until you have that one relative who points out the outdated countertops in your kitchen or the old carpeting throughout the home. Everything else could be absolutely perfect but there’s always that one person who points out the imperfections that already drive you crazy.

Well, to avoid your negative nancy relative this year, here are 6 easy upgrades you can do to your home this fall. 

1. Update your flooring - Carpet is nice for a bedroom or an upstairs loft but not your whole house. Carpet collects dust, can be easily stained with spills and is susceptible to rips and tears from the kids or your pets. Upgrading to Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring will make a huge difference in your home. Not only will it make your home look beautiful, but it will also be easier to clean and maintain.

2. Trade your old countertops for Quartz countertops - Quartz countertops can be one of the most eye-catching countertop materials to use in your kitchen. They’re also the most durable countertop material to use. And if you’re a true cook , you want quality kitchen countertops. These countertops won’t damage or stain very easily which means they’ll keep your kitchen looking beautiful for a long long time. 

3. Revamp your cabinets - When you walk into a kitchen, your eyes immediately gravitate to the kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets will either date your kitchen or make it look up to date. If your cabinets are looking a little dated, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint with a trendy color to help bring your kitchen to the modern age. If your kitchen feels small and cramped, consider replacing solid doors for glass doors or open shelving

4. Upgrade light fixtures - Pendant lighting is the perfect solution to get that “cherry on top” effect. You can easily mix and match styles and textures to coordinate with your design. Pendant lighting can also give your space a sense of depth and provide lighting in hard to reach areas of a room. Finding unique pieces with some of these features helps bring some of your personality and aesthetic to your room.

5. Use reclaimed wood accents - Reclaimed wood accents are a very popular trend right now. We’ve seen reclaimed wood used to reface cabinets and to create breathtaking accent walls. Some other projects you can use reclaimed wood for are built-in table tops for the kiddos and custom dining or coffee tables.

At KM BUILDERS, we care about our clients and their well-being. So let us help you win the battle against your nosy relatives before the winter season. Call our team at 210-680-5626 to set up your free consultation and we’ll create a design that will blow your family away. 

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