THE HONEST TRUTH / by Keith Moehle

Over and again we hear horror stories of how homeowners are ripped off or taken advantage of by other contractors on a remodeling project. This can make it even harder to start a remodeling project because you're just not sure of who you can trust these days. But here at KM BUILDERS, we can assure you we’ll be upfront and truthful from the start.

As a homeowner, it can be so hard to trust someone with the well being of your home. You do your research, you look up reviews, and you ask for recommendations from family and friends to find the best person possible to do your remodeling project. Here at KM BUILDERS, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the honest truth.


Our team understands the concerns from homeowners as we know they have either heard of a bad remodeling experience or have had a bad remodeling experience themselves in the past. Our team also understands the risks that come with any remodeling project. But we work to assure each and every client that we come in contact with that we will only provide the truth about their project.

At KM BUILDERS, we employ a structured and well-oiled team that cares about each individual client to provide a well-rounded client experience. From the moment you call our front desk, the meeting with Keith, the consultation with our architect and design team, and all the way down to our project managers and trades crews we keep your best interest in mind. We only provide ideas and solutions that are unique to your project. We show you our costs, our profit, and our overhead so you know we’re completely transparent. We won't give you any false or fake information because we genuinely care about you and your home.

Here at KM BUILDERS, our team operates like a family, so we know the importance of family and we care about your family. So call us up at 2120-680-5626 for your honest visit from Keith Moehle and he’ll make sure we get the job done right.

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