Ladies, you know that feeling when you’ve planned the perfect outfit and now you need to find accessories to top it all off? Well, picking light fixtures can feel the same way.

You’ve spent weeks carefully planning and anticipating what your new remodel will look like, and now it's time to pick the finishing touches with light fixtures. Just like planning your perfect outfit, you don’t want your light fixtures to overpower your remodel, but you also don’t want them to be too simple. You want your light fixtures to have a “cherry on top effect” on your newly remodeled space.

Pendant lighting is the perfect solution to get that “cherry on top” effect. You can easily mix and match styles and textures to coordinate with your design. Pendant lighting can also give your space a sense of depth and provide light in hard to reach areas of a room. Finding unique pieces with some of these features help bring some of your personality and aesthetic to your room. 

Here is a list of the most recent trendy pendant fixtures. 

Wood Stream_0192.jpg
  • Geometric Designs - An easy way to make your home feel modern is by incorporating sharp angles and geometric patterns. One or two geometric pieces will be sure to make a standout statement!

  • No-Glass Lanterns - No-glass lanterns have become a hot commodity in kitchen lighting. These pendants give a modern twist on traditional lighting by reducing glare and giving your kitchen a modern, open look. 

  • Orb Lights - Orb pendants have become very popular for modern design. Their simple lines and bold yet natural shapes make them the perfect accessory for any modern or transitional space.   

  • Blown Glass - Glass pendants are sure to bring class and a little sass to any style of room. They make for a perfect statement piece that will brighten up any room.

  • Edison Pendants - We all know the Edison bulb. It’s a staple for modern industrial design that gives the perfect amount of a soft glow. Edison pendants can also be used in farmhouse styles to create a cozy ambiance.

  • Vintage Metal - Vintage has grown to become a very popular style. Vintage metal pendants are the perfect match to complete an industrial style or farmhouse style. They also pair great with recessed can lights to make your room feel brighter.

  • Modern Crystal Chandeliers - When we say crystal chandelier, we’re not talking about your grandma’s crystal. We’re talking about today’s modern shaped chandelier paired with modern crystals. Combine this with your vintage dining room set, and you’ll have a room that’s Pinterest worthy. 

  • Golden Hues - In this day and age, gold is the new black. Pendants that have soft gold and burnished hues are great for creating a modern retro look. Gold pendant lighting can also be used as a bold statement piece for a home office or reading room.  

  • Squares and Rectangles - Square and rectangle shapes scream modern. Their simple lines and absence of glass style paired with a wood trim makes for a very popular modern style.

Most of the styles we mentioned are well suited for modern design but there are still ways to incorporate them in traditional or transitional spaces. Pendants with weathered or galvanized finished will blend easily with several different styles. Finding pendants with mixed materials will give your space more of a custom look. Another way to ensure your pendant light matches your personal style is by looking for pieces with unique textures such as antique glass, frosted glass, hammered brass, rubbed bronze, or wrought iron. 

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