Subway tile is like the little black dress of home design. It’s always classy and will never go out of style.

Looking at subway tile in your kitchen or bathroom is like looking at a comforting sigh of relief. It’s a trend that you may have seen in your grandmother’s house, maybe even the house you grew up in, and now you’re looking at adding it to your home. Some might say that the classic white pattern subway tile is beginning to look dated, but there are so many ways you can dress it up!


Subway tile is not just confined to the timeless white horizontal pattern we’re all used to seeing. Subway tile is simply the shape of a rectangular, brick-like, porcelain tile. Subway tile can be laid down in different patterns and comes in a variety of colors to fit all sorts of styles from traditional to contemporary.

Subway tile can be laid down using a:

  • 90-degree Herringbone Pattern

  • 45-degree Herringbone Pattern

  • Classic Herringbone Pattern

  • Diagonal Pattern

  • Vertical Stack Pattern

  • Alternating Vertical Stacked Pattern

While the classic white subway tile is widely popular, you can also choose different styles, colors, and materials for your kitchen or bathroom design. You can choose from marble, glass, black, grey, green, blue, beveled, and so much more!

Subway tile can be used in multiple ways to accent your kitchen or bathroom. You can choose a darker grout for contrast and visual interest. You can integrate your tile with an accent color to create a mood or theme. Subway tile can give a room depth with subtle texture. You can extend the subway tile past its designated area for a much bolder impact. For example, you could extend it to the outside of the shower and continue the tile throughout the entire bathroom wall or using it as a backsplash and continuing the tile all the way to the ceiling or other parts of the kitchen. You can also mix subway tile with a geometric tile pattern for a more modern and contemporary look.

With subway tile, the possibilities are endless. The good thing though is that it will never grow old. So call one of our Designers at 210-680-5626 to see how we can upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with the tile design of your dreams

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