Starting a remodeling project is such an exhilarating experience. You begin imagining what the final project will look like and you think of the party you’ll plan to show off your new renovation.

However, in all the excitement of wondering and planning, you can sometimes forget or overlook some of the terms that contractors use in their advertisements. While they may sound good, they can sometimes have a hidden meaning.

For example, most contractors or remodelers will advertise that they have a full staff of employees ready to work on your project. They set a schedule for your project and they tell you their guys will show up on these days at this time. But as they begin working on your project, you notice that fewer and fewer people are showing up to the job. And you notice that the employees start to show up at times that were not the times discussed by your contractor. When you confront your contractor about it, you find out that the “full staff of employees” they advertised are actually a handful of subcontracted employees. 


Since these employees are sub-contracted out by the contractor, they’re not obligated to follow your contractor's schedule and often make their own schedules of when they want to show up, what time they want to show up, and how long they feel like working on your project. And if they’re subcontracted to other jobs as well, they might prioritize higher paying jobs over your project. 

So when you’re considering a contractor for your next remodeling project, make sure to ask what kind of employees they have. If your contractor has a full team of W-2 employed workers, you’re good to go. But if they say that have a large team of subcontracted employees, then you should think twice before using their service. 

Here at KM BUILDERS, you’ll never have to worry about what kind of employees we use because we do have a full staff of W-2 employed workers as well as a full team of in-house designers, architects, and estimators. So give us a call at 210-680-5626 for your next remodeling project and we promise to give a high-quality job with the best high-quality team. 

----KM Builders is San Antonio's premier design-build remodeler specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, room additions, and whole-house remodeling. We boast the largest in-house staff in San Antonio offering architectural design, interior design, and cabinet design for all your home remodeling needs!