You know how the saying goes, “two is better than one”? Well, we have found it to be true in kitchens!

In almost every kitchen remodel, one of the top must haves on everyone’s wish list is a grand kitchen island. They want to be able to have plenty of prep space, room to serve and host large buffets, and have plenty of extra seating. Some homeowners even add shelving and storage cabinets in order to have a multi-purpose island. 


While a large kitchen island is on everyone’s wish list, it can end up being a real inconvenience. If you’re trying to cook and you have something spread out on the other side of your island, you have to walk all the way around to grab it and then rush back to the stove. Next thing you know, cooking turns into a cardio workout! Every cook knows a few seconds can be the difference between a culinary masterpiece and a burnt disaster. And ladies let’s face it if you’re trying to chase your toddler or dog in the kitchen around that large kitchen island, you’re not winning. 

A creative solution that has been taking the remodeling world by storm is double kitchen islands! Now I know what you’re thinking, why in the world would I need two kitchen islands? Having two smaller kitchen islands instead of having one large kitchen island is actually much more practical. 

One benefit of double kitchen islands is the increased functionality of your kitchen.  One island will hold the sink which makes it ideal for prep space. The other island will be home to appliances like the oven and microwave. The space between the two islands now acts as a shortcut from the range to the other side of the kitchen.

Having double kitchen islands can also change your entertaining game! Again, you can have one island dedicated for prep space where you have plenty of room to set out equipment, assemble ingredients, and plate food. Then the other island can have a bar-height countertop overhang for additional seating and gathering space. This allows you to have the whole prep space to yourself and not have guests, family, or kids crowd around you as you cook.

If you’re torn between choosing double kitchen islands and one large kitchen island, there’s still a solution! In between the two islands, you can add a drop leaf that will connect the two spaces. With the added drop leaf, you can have the extra prep space that a large kitchen island provides yet still have the better functionality that the dual islands provide. Plus, the drop leaf will also allow you to have a buffet style serving space when you decide to host large dinner parties. A drop leaf allows you to have the best of both worlds! 

So if you’re tired of losing the fight with your toddler or you just want more functionality in your kitchen, call us at 210-680-5626 and we’ll help you get there.

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