High ceilings are a feature on most people's wish list when they’re looking for a new home. They feel it will make a cramped room feel more open or make a big room feel very grand. 

While high ceilings are at the top of everyone’s wish list, what do you do with the high ceilings in your garage? We’ve noticed that in many of the newer construction homes, the ceiling in the garage is the same height as the tall ceilings in the rest of the home. Most homeowners or buyers may not think anything of it but some see it as a waste of space. 

If you’re wondering how you can convert the unused space while still being able to park your car in your garage, a garage loft may be the perfect solution!  A garage loft is a room that’s suspended above the ground level and right under the roof of your garage. By creating a loft over the empty space, you get to keep your cars parked inside and you now have extra square footage added to your home without having to do a full addition. 


Having that extra square footage now gives you more ways to enjoy your home!

  • Larger mudroom and Laundry Room: having a large laundry room with a mudroom is a HUGE bonus to your home. When the kids come home from their sports practice or your husband comes home from his hunting and fishing trip, you now have a designated space to leave the muddy boots and stinky uniforms behind. The extra laundry space will now make folding a breeze! 

  • Man Cave: Now ladies, I know we like to think that we deserve all the special attention since we’re the ones who take care of the home but sometimes our husbands deserve some attention too. So wives, let's dote on our husbands for once and treat them with a space of their own. A garage loft will allow your husband to have the man cave of his dreams and fill it with all his hunting and fishing trophies, sports memorabilia, and the best billiards games. And best of all ladies, you won’t have to see it in your space!

  • Home Gym: Health and fitness have become a very important aspect of today’s culture. But the cost of having a gym membership can really add up which makes for the perfect excuse to install a home gym in your garage loft! You can add equipment that is tailored to your fitness needs. 

  • Home Office: Working from home can be both rewarding yet challenging at the same time. Not having a designated space to work and concentrate can become very frustrating. You can easily turn the unused space in your garage into a large home office with plenty of room for you to operate in. Having a designated home office will allow you to have the peace of mind you need to concentrate on your work. 

  • Extra Bedroom: The idea of putting an extra bedroom over your garage may sound strange but it has actually become very common for families with multiple children. Instead of forcing your kids to share a bedroom, one can move their belongings into the garage and have their own space. Normally this is used for one of the older kids because they’re ready for more responsibilities and would like more privacy. 

  • Extra Living Area: Some of the new construction homes don’t have a family room, meaning families don’t have as many places to hang out with each other. That’s why some homeowners are transforming their garage into a makeshift family room. 

  • Media room: A garage loft makes for an ideal space to set up a media room. You can easily set up a home theatre with a few lounge chairs, a popcorn machine, a candy bar, and an easy to install projector and screen. You could also put a few games like a hockey table or pool table to turn your garage into the ultimate hang out spot.

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