Here at KM BUILDERS, we have an in-house architectural team that works together to create the remodel of your dreams. While working on room additions, our architectural team shines through and shows you the importance of having an architect working on your room addition.


KM BUILDERS understands the importance of architects, especially on room addition projects, which is why we have at least two architects on staff! The difference it makes is phenomenal when we compare it with other contractors who don't work with architects on their room addition projects.

Architects will be able to work with the client and contractor first hand to handle roof interface issues, what effects the new addition will have on your HVAC sizing and the electrical load on your home. If you do not have an experienced architect and general contractor working on your room addition, it can look odd because it can be easy to look like someone just built a box and attached it to your home.

However, at KM BUILDERS, we guarantee that our room additions blend so seamlessly that you would never guess it wasn't part of the original structure thanks to our amazing architectural team. Are you ready for a seamless room addition? Call us at 210-680-5626 to get started!

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