Sliding barn doors have become a hot trend in the past few years and it’s showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

As clients call in to share their wants and wishes for their next remodel, sliding barn doors have been an increasing request. Clients love this upscale look as well as the functionality they provide. Plus, they’re also super easy to install!

But besides their elevated design and functionality, barn doors have several aesthetic benefits.


Barn doors can be used to:

  • Add character to your home

  • Create a sound barrier

  • Conceal chaos and clutter

  • Give your space a fun pop of color for a chic upgrade

  • Add warmth and charm

  • Act as a piece of artwork

  • Add charisma

The different styles of doors will also create a different look for your space. For instance, metal doors will add elegance to your room, glass doors will make your space feel more modern,  doors with a chevron pattern will add style with a modern flair, and double barn doors will create a more dramatic look.

While most people think of using barn doors for their bedrooms or bathrooms, they can be used in a variety of other places in the home as well. They can be used for pantry doors, laundry room doors, closet doors for small apartments or any small space that needs a door.

One popular way to use the sliding barn doors to create a room barrier. As more homes are being built and renovated to have large open concept layouts, homeowners are using sliding barn doors to create a sense of privacy as needed without permanently closing off the space.

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