Here at KM BUILDERS, we only offer exact quotes. If you were to look elsewhere for a contractor to work on your remodeling project, you would most likely discover that they provide free estimates instead of exact quotes… why is that? Let's talk about it.

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Most contractors are wary of offering exact quotes because without the proper time and experience, and there is no way to know the actual costs of your remodeling project.

So free estimates are very common because contractors would rather give you their best guess on what they think it will cost so you can sign a contract and they can start work. Additionally, if they go ahead and do the work to get an exact quote, they will show you the actual price of your project you may no longer be interested or want to make some significant adjustments to work within your budget.

Here are a few key reasons why most contractors AVOID giving out exact quotes:

  • Time: Time is money. It is much easier for a contractor to give a potential client a "guesstimate" than actually taking the time & effort needed to produce an exact quote.

  • Experience: Depending on your contractor's expertise, he may not be able to evaluate your home on a level that is needed. There might be an oversight of something he wasn't aware of such as city codes, building codes, or simply not knowing how much a product costs or the labor to install it. If any one of these things goes awry, it could be a financial expense the homeowners were not expecting.

  • Selling Tactic: Unfortunately, this is something that happens every day. A salesperson will tell you what you want to hear so that you make the purchase and potentially suffer the repercussions of that decision at a later time. A contractor can easily tempt some homeowners with a low estimate with no promise that the price will not be increased as "things come up." You have to be smart in this decision because it is very easy in these types of circumstances to pay 15%-30% more than the original "estimate" that was provided by your contractor.

With these things in mind, you can make an educated decision. Remember that free estimates are in the contractors best interest and exact quotes are in the homeowners best interest.

Before you decide to start a home project, know what you are getting in to. If you have any questions or want to see what a reputable contractor like KM BUILDERS can do for you, call 210-680-5626. We can set up a free consultation and discuss more about the differences between "free estimates" vs. "exact quotes."

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