When it comes to bathroom remodeling projects, most contractors will want to update the cabinets and fixtures while keeping the same layout. This can lead to design flaws that can have consequences later down the line.

When homeowners call to have their bathroom remodeled, they often look for a contractor to help them update their current bathroom situation. The homeowner might be leery of redesigning their bathroom because they don't want the hassle of demolition or relocating plumbing etc. The contractor will often agree with the homeowner on the design choices as they don’t want the hassle of demolition and relocation either. However, it may be necessary to redesign and relocate in order to avoid critical design flaws.

Here a few of the common design flaws when it comes to bathroom remodeling:

  • Small Showers: Most homeowners want a tub and shower combo in their bathroom because they believe it will help with their resale value. This is a myth. Having a smaller shower can actually lower your resale value. It’s better to have a bigger shower with no tub than a small shower with a tub. Having a bigger shower will also be more helpful for anyone with a disability or injury as it is much harder to have someone assist you using a tub. But contractors won’t tell you this because it’s an easier job to update the current shower and tub than having to knock out the tub and relocate plumbing and drain.

  • Shower Drain Relocation: It is so important to make sure your contractor relocates the shower drain if you decide to expand your shower. If the shower drain is not properly centered in the middle, the tile lines in your shower walls will have an unattractive angle in the tile pattern to accommodate the off-center drain. And what’s really bad about this is that you won’t notice the lines are crooked until the job is done. The floor in your shower will also have a slippery slope. If the drain is off-center, the floor will have to slope to one side or the other in order to make sure the water drains down and doesn’t puddle.

  • Using Natural Stone: While natural stone looks very appealing, it is not a good idea to use it in your shower. Natural stone materials like marble, slate, and limestone are very porous. This means that they absorb moisture very easily which will cause the tile to dry out. When the tile drys out, it creates this white haze all over your shower.

  • Crowded Cabinet Design: The sink is often placed near the wall making for a very crowded and cramped space. This is the downside of using builder grade cabinet sizes. These builder grade cabinets also don’t provide enough storage for your bathroom. If you use custom cabinets in your bathroom remodel, it will give you a more spacious and luxurious feel in your bathroom to be enjoyed for years to come.

Here at KM BUILDERS, we understand the importance of increasing your resale value and we care about giving you the functionality in your bathroom that you deserve. That is why we have degreed architects and designers to walk you through and educate you on our proven remodeling methods.

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