Mirrors are a popular accessory for nearly every room of the house, so why stop when it comes to the kitchen?

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Most people don’t incorporate mirrors in their Most people don’t incorporate mirrors in their kitchen when it can be a great feature of the room. Mirrors can reflect light, make a room look larger than it is and accentuate a particular area of the room.

Here are a few tips & tricks when hanging a mirror in your kitchen!

Above the Sink: So you don’t have a window over your kitchen sink? No problem just install a mirror to create an illusion of a traditional window.

Mirrored Kitchen Backsplash: This makes for a stunning kitchen that doesn’t require a ridiculous amount of upkeep. However, if you do choose this project make sure your contractor is installing tempered glass! Regular mirrored glass can easily crack from heat exposure or an accidental strike with a heavy pan or object.

On a Shelf: You can place a mirror on top of an open shelf and tilt it slightly downwards. That way it can reflect the room’s design elements such as light fixtures, a beautiful backsplash or cabinetry instead of a view of the plain ceiling.

On Cabinetry: Another option is to install mirrored cabinetry. This is very unique and will reflect light, make the kitchen appear larger.

On Walls: You can have mirrors lining paneled walls to give a closed-off kitchen the appearance of being larger if opening up your kitchen isn’t in your budget.

These are a few tips & tricks you can play around with in your kitchen! If you are ready to take on a larger project involving mirrors in your kitchen contact KM BUILDERS for a free consultation at 210-680-5626 to have Keith come out and figure out the best remodeling project ideas for your needs!

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