If you would have to have a difficult life-saving surgery performed would you want a doctor who has been practicing for 30 years to do the surgery or a young doctor who is in his first year out of medical school? Obviously, we already know your answer. Experience is the winner, and that should also be the case when it comes to remodeling.

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There are many remodeling companies you can choose from in San Antonio, but you should definitely take experience and technical knowledge into consideration. Keith became interested in construction when he was 12, he then worked in construction once he was old enough, and then started KM BUILDERS in 1984. Since then he has only hired the best in-house team of estimators, architects, cabinet designers, design consultants, interior designers project managers, and field crew to help with your project!

There are many things you have to get done during a remodel and you need to have someone on your side that knows all of the details. One only acquires this knowledge after years of working in the industry and knowing how to get the job done properly from designing your project to proper installation and everything in between.

It can be tempting to go with a young remodeling company who is excited about doing projects, and they may even give you a deal that is financially tempting. However, as we mentioned earlier, just as you would choose an experienced doctor to work on your body, you will be happy that you chose an experienced remodeler to work on your home.

----KM BUILDERS is San Antonio’s premier design-build remodeler specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, room additions and whole-house remodeling. We boast the largest in-house staff in San Antonio offering architectural design, interior design, and cabinet design for all your home remodeling needs!