Having a dual master suite may seem appealing, but an obvious question can come up “why do I even need a dual master suite?” Well, we are about to tell you the reasons why!

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Dual master suites provide comfort & privacy for those who use the space, but the reasons for use vary for every homeowner. Here are some reasons homeowners decide a dual master suite is the right choice for you:

  • Multi-generational living: There is an increasing number of San Antonio residents that are adapting to this type of lifestyle. Whether it be elderly parents moving back in or boomerang children coming back from college that may be a permanent situation.

  • Two couples purchasing a home/living together: Some people purchase homes with their close friends or their siblings. Having two master suites creates two separate areas for adults to have their own living areas for comfort and privacy.

  • A downstairs master suite: This is an excellent option for health reasons. As homeowners age, you may not be able to use your upstairs master suite. A dual master suite downstairs can be an added benefit to a home rather than to install an elevator in your home.

  • Different sleeping schedules: If a couple has different work schedules, dual master suites can be a great addition to your home! This can change your whole life because you will be getting proper rest!

  • Snoring/sleeping preferences: Although this may sound humorous it can be a serious issue for couples. Some people snore so loud or feel more comfortable sleeping alone. A dual master suite will allow both people to have the luxury of a master suite while getting the rest & comfort of sleeping alone.

Whatever the reason you choose to have a dual master suite, it will definitely pay you back if you ever try to sell your home. Dual master suites are becoming increasingly common, so if you build one or upgrade a guest bedroom into a master suite, it will set your home apart and make it very attractive. If you are ready to kickstart this idea call us at 210-680-5626 to schedule a free consultation!

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