Laundry is not fun. It can be especially unpleasant when the laundry room is in an awkward, small, or out of place area in your home! Does this sound relatable?


Here at KM BUILDERS, we want to transform a frustrating laundry room into a place that is perfect for productivity! We have listed out some helpful solutions to maximize the functionality of this essential room!

Relocating the laundry room: Maybe you absolutely despise where your current laundry room is. It could be oddly placed off of the kitchen or all the way across your house! We can look at relocating your washer & dryer into another area in the home or even your own bathroom or closet for easy access for washing!

Upgrade to a Stackable Washer & Dryer: If space is an issue, consider purchasing a stackable washer & dryer. This will leave room to install floating shelves, a hanger rod, or just room for your laundry basket.

Upgrade to a Smart All-in-One Washer & Dryer: This is new technology that would be ideal for a compact house that needs to utilize every inch of space!

New Flooring, paint & lighting: A room can be transformed with these small updates! It is a small room, so it won’t be costly, but it can make it a place you enjoy being in.

Install a Sink for easy cleaning: Make your life easier by investing in a washroom sink!

Get more great ideas by having the KM BUILDERS owner, Keith Moehle, come to your house for a free consultation! Give us a call at 210680-5626 to get it scheduled!

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