A formal dining room is usually a room that is out of the way and stays nice & neat. This makes sense because it is only used a few days in the entire year. Wouldn’t you want to utilize this square footage better?


Formal dining rooms have so much potential when we are looking to maximize a house’s square footage. Most homeowners are looking for more room in the house and this is where we can find it. There is a handful of options you can choose from when you want to convert your formal dining room you just have to decide what’s best for you!

Here’s a short list of ideas to think about!

Office Space: We can close off this space with French doors and even build custom shelves for a great office space!

Guest bedroom: Depending on the placement of your dining room, you may want to close it off to make a small bedroom. We can install a murphy bed close off walls or install windows to brighten up the room.

Hobby Room/Exercise room: Many of us have a special hobby where we don’t have a place to store equipment. Whether our hobby is painting or working out we can convert this space into your own personal sanctuary.

Open-Concept layout: An open-concept layout is on many wishlists. We can make it a reality by converting your current formal dining room to become part of the living area.

Playroom: If you have kids or grandkids you know that toys can be messy! Make a specialized area to play with your little ones and as they grow and we can install amazing floating shelves for all of their book collections!

Expand Your Kitchen: The formal dining room is typically right off of the kitchen. This gives you the opportunity to knock down walls and expand your kitchen!

These are all great ideas, but you have to decide for yourself what is going to be best for you. Once you determine what you need that’s when we can convert this space into something you can enjoy 365 days a year.

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