Sunken floors were very popular in the past and can present a grand design element in a home. However, it can be stumbling block to get around now and the future. This is why it’s a great idea to re-level your home for a universal design project.

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This is the type of project that you don’t think of doing until it’s a problem. If you are living in your forever home or will be having an elderly parent move into your house in the future, it’s a good remodeling project for you to start!

Here are a few reasons why you might consider re-leveling a sunken floor:

  • More of an open-concept feel: Having a sunken floor can make your floor plan look closed off. Leveling your floor will highlight the open floor plan.

  • You or your guest won’t trip: It can be more than annoying when you are continually tripping down the stairs or on the edge of your sunken floor (depending on how deep the level is.)

  • Wheelchair/walker accessible: Typically a sunken floor is in the living room. This could mean that you are excluding family members and friends from this area, which is unfair to everyone.

  • An up-to-date layout of your home: Leveling out your flooring can make your home feel up-to-date since a sunken floor is found in a lot of older homes. It will increase functionality & aesthetics simultaneously. It’s a win-win situation!

Although sunken floors may give a certain visual appeal,  it’s not worth the risk of a fall or inconvenience of stairs worrying that you might trip! The negatives definitely outweigh the positives of keeping your sunken floor! Call up KM BUILDERS at 210-680-5626 when you are ready to relevel your home!

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