Do our clients have to move out of their home while we work on their remodeling projects? Let’s break down this question.


The short answer is it is very unlikely you will need to relocate. Moving out of your house isn’t necessary for most projects, and there is actually an advantage to being close to the project to see the details of your home transformation!

However, there are contractors out there that encourage you to move out so you won’t be monitoring their work and they have to have less client interaction which might allow them to do sub-par work on your home.

Here at KM BUILDERS, we feel differently about that! We want you to be as involved as you want (we encourage you to be around the project whenever you can) to make you feel comfortable with us working on your home because our end goal is to have happy, satisfied clients.

Some projects might be sped up by moving out, but in most cases, you can continue living at your home. You will have to deal with some inconveniences as your home becomes your dream home.

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