Kitchens are where we gather with family and friends to cook, laugh and bond over tasty food. Since you spend so much time in this room, it’s very important to incorporate the correct lighting.

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There are so many options when it comes to lighting and it’s exciting as a homeowner to make those selections. When it’s all done it will result in a unique kitchen that will feel like your own UNIQUE kitchen because of the beautiful lighting selections.

Here are a few places we recommend lighting in your kitchen!

  • Natural lighting...if at all possible: Windows bring in natural light that is irreplaceable! This picture truly shows how windows can make such a difference. Who wouldn’t want to look out the window to this incredible view while preparing dinner!

  • Under-Cabinet lighting: Most of our clients say they don't know how they were able to cook in their old kitchen after having under-cabinet lighting! You can see what you are preparing and it is also great for the evening when you want to minimize lighting.

  • In-Cabinet lighting: If you have glass cabinets make them true showcases with lighting to allow your family & friends to see the depth & beauty that you have on display in your kitchen.

  • Choose stunning light fixtures: Every kitchen is the same in the fact that we all have an oven, a stove and a fridge. Your selections are what transforms a standard kitchen to YOUR OWN kitchen! Make your kitchen pop with your selection of lighting fixtures. This will be a feature you won’t regret on splurging on because it is a sort of centerpiece that is constantly on display.

We talked about a lot of tips when choosing unique lighting for your home, but it can still be confusing & difficult to do so. That is why we have designers to guide you along the way to a perfect remodel. Call us at 210-680-5626 to get started on a custom kitchen today!

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