Multifunctional Bar for Indoor & Outdoor Entertaining / by Keith Moehle

Drinks anyone? Unleash your inner barista and showcase your skills for inside and outside entertainment!


Having a bar in your own home and a barista spirit is a perfect combination for great entertaining! We offer an indoor/outdoor bar option, so you can expand your entertainment to both the inside & outside elements!  

How does it work?

  • You will have access to the bar from both the inside and outside of your home! It opens from the inside of the house and swings right up with two pistons to allow access to the outside!

  • The counter consists of one slab of leathered granite from the inside to the outside.

  • We also install custom windows that raise right up with no track on the countertop!

Why do you want to add an indoor/outdoor bar?

  • This bar is versatile! You can entertain guests no matter the season. When the weather is nice, simply open the bar up to enjoy indoor & outdoor elements.

  • You can keep the drinks cool inside, but enjoy them outside!

  • Outside living features will always add value to your home! No matter how long you are staying at your home you will be able to enjoy the bar and future owners will also!

Whatever you have in mind for your home bar, we want to make it happen for you! Call us at 210-680-5626 to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your dream projects.

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