It may sound surprising, but more than a third of the homeowners in America are millennials! The 90 million millennials (1981-1996) will continually increase in dominating the housing market, and we’re excited to help this new demographic in their remodeling needs.

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Our Designers are always excited and open to our client's research because it gives us an idea of your style preference. It also gives our Designers room to guide you to alternatives or better products for the space you are working with.

Here are a few bathroom remodeling products that millennials find desirable:

  • Digital thermometer-app for shower water

  • Bluetooth enabled fans

  • A showerhead that plays music

  • A charging/landing station for mobile devices near the toilet

  • Medicine cabinets with integrated TV's

With all these new tech gadgets, it will be more fun to get ready in the morning knowing that you can enjoy getting ready in a new and improved bathroom thanks to innovative products!

New products will always come up, so we continually stay up-to-date to be ready to help you when you find out about a new tech product for your bathroom or any other area of your home!

Keith is always excited to install innovative products to bathrooms and throughout your entire home, so give us a call at 210-680-5626 to find out how to make your bathroom a little smarter with technology.

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