A lot of San Antonio contractors will give themselves the title of “general contractor” when they don’t meet the criteria of what this actually entails.

A general contractor can mean a lot of things, but there are 4 essential things to have in order for someone to rightfully call themselves a “general contractor.”

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  1. They should be able to undertake any type of home remodeling project.

  2. They should have experience with those projects.

  3. They work with licensed architects.

  4. Be willing to do small & large projects, regardless of how complicated it might be.

A general contractor is an individual who should have experience in all areas of home remodeling and be comfortable working on each of them.

However, there are lots of “general contractors” who actually just specialize in certain aspects of the home. So when you present the project to these contractors they may be hesitant. If you are ever in the position where you are convincing a “general contractor” to take on your project, they probably aren't the right one.

As a homeowner, you should feel confident in your contractor and the work he is doing on your home whether it’s cabinets, kitchen, bathroom, addition, siding, roofing and the list goes on and on.  But, when individuals promise you more than they can handle it can become a big mess.

Be sure you know who you are hiring and that they are equipped for anything that may come up in your project. KM BUILDERS is a Design-Build Contractor, but we are also a general contractor which means we can do any remodeling project you could ever want in for your home. Give us a call at 210-680-5626 and let the experts who have been around since 1984 handle your remodel.

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