Earlier this week we talked about the importance of contracts! In today’s blog, we are going to dive deeper into the questions that everyone always forgets to ask their contractor.


Most of these questions that we’re going to bring up are pretty simple. But you should still talk it over with your contractor and get the answers in writing, so everyone involved knows what's expected of them before construction begins.

Getting Started:

  • What days will the crew be coming in and at what time?

  • Will they work on the weekends?

  • Will they be using your restroom?

  • What is your contractor going to be working on?

  • Where are they going to work?


  • Some of these projects can be expensive, so talk about who is paying for what. For example:

    • Water

    • Electricity

  • Are they going to park equipment on your yard?

  • Are they responsible for testing lead in paint?


  • Will they put a job sign in the front yard?

    • To make your neighbors feel safer, knowing why other cars are at your house.

    • A number for anyone to call in case vehicles are blocking traffic.

    • KM crew won’t get confused on which house they are working on.

  • Who’s moving the furniture in a big project?

  • Is the down payment refundable?

  • How long is the contract valid?

These questions can guide you and your contractor’s conversation so that there is no miscommunication once construction begins. If your contractor can’t answer these questions, it’s best to find someone who can be straightforward with you. You can always call KM BUILDERS at 210-680-5626 because we have been around since 1984 and know the remodeling business inside and out.

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