I am a homebody, but every Tuesday I seem to make my way to the dollar movies to get my popcorn and watch a movie. But then I had an epiphany...why don’t I make my own home theater!

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I’m sure many of you feel the same way, so here’s a list of why you need a home theater...even though I don’t need a list to convince you!

  • Same movie experience in the comfort of your home

    •  Imagine sitting in your comfy seats, listening to your surround sound system, and being able to watch whatever you want!

  • Front row tickets to sporting events

    • The atmosphere will make it seem you are actually at the NBA or NFL game!

  • Increase the appeal & value of your home

    • According to the New York Times, “home buyers see a dedicated home theater as a bonus when purchasing a home.”

  • Design it to your specifications and we’ll create a custom design theater.

    • In Keith’s words… “Design the experience. Experience the design.”

  • Makes you a better host/hostess.

    • Everyone will want to come to your home to enjoy movies, sporting events, a watch party for The Bachelorette or anything in between!


A home theater is a fantastic investment that will be enjoyed time and time again by family and loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 210-680-5626 so we can get started on a custom home theater for you ASAP!

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