Cabinets can be your best friend or YOUr worst enemy depending on the style and quality that you currently have. KM BUILDERS will make you fall in love with your cabinets by creating custom designs that will fit all your needs.

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New cabinets will transform the look of your kitchen, but they need to be functional for you to make a real difference in your daily life.

Here a few ideas to make your new cabinets work for you and not against you:

  • Under-Cabinet lighting: This feature can enhance the style, safety & overall visibility in your kitchen. We can’t see a reason not to include this feature in your kitchen remodel!

  • Hideaway solutions: The product hides a step stool that is tucked directly into your cabinets and can be quickly pulled out whenever you need help reaching the top shelf. Check out this product HERE:

  • A cabinet designated for trash cans: Make sure you leave a space for a trash can in one of your cabinets! The worst thing is to have a completely remodeled kitchen and then have a trash can in the open. It’s a major eyesore that you should avoid!

  • Tupperware cabinet: If you are like me I use a ton of Tupperware and reusable water bottles. Make a dedicated cabinet for these items so you will no longer be searching for a lid!

These customizations to your brand new cabinets will maximize your enjoyment out of them because it makes your life a little bit easier! If you are interested in custom cabinets or adding any of these features into your existing cabinets, call us at 210-680-5626. Keith will be more than happy to meet with you for a free consultation.

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