Some of our clients love the hands-off approach they can take with our design-build process. They feel comforted knowing that our licensed designers will pick our everything for them.  However, others love to get into the action and help pick out styles, colors and finishes for all of the products in their remodel. Those are the people who will love Fireclay Tile.


Fireclay tile started in 1984 in California and has served thousands of happy customers since then. They have so managed to stay up-to-date with new modern looks, but also keep the classic styles around so they can be the go-to tile company for anyone.

However, what we want to highlight today are their custom hand-painted tiles.

When you go to their website at, you can see a feature that allows you to customize your very own tile and pick out the pattern, dryline and colors and paint it yourself or they randomly mix your selected paints to get the perfect look. Trust us it’s an addicting feature to play with. Check it out at  


The best part about it is that it will be shipped to you in 2 weeks or less!

Fireclay Tile has set themselves apart by committing to make every tile they order using recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing practices all in the USA. So not only are they giving you a variety of options, but also sustainability for the environment. Sounds like a win-win to us!

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