Your Warning Checklist for Hiring a Contractor / by Keith Moehle

Hiring a contractor can be daunting. That’s why we wanted to give you a checklist that provides details on what to look for so to avoid bad contractors and find someone that will transform your home into something you truly deserve!


The Better Business Bureau is one of the key places to go to find out what type of contractor you will be hiring.

Here is a checklist with some things you should look out for:

Confirm Contact Info: When you find a potential contractor make sure their contact information is reliable. Call the office number, shoot them an email, and the best thing you can do is go to visit their office.

Avoid High-Pressure Sales: Some shady contractors will offer you a better price if you agree to a large or full upfront payment. Then they may never start your project!

Get Everything in Writing: If something goes wrong and you have to take your contractor to court, it will be your word against his/hers. Make sure you get everything in writing and read the paperwork before signing it!

Ask About Warranties: Ask your contractor about the warranties they have in place to protect yourself and your new remodeling project. Again make sure to read the paperwork and be sure the warranties are listed.

Although this isn’t an exhaustive list of steps to take when hiring a contractor, all of these are vital. We want every homeowner to trust the contractor you are working with whether it be KM BUILDERS or another company. Remember, always to take caution when looking for a contractor...because you could have anyone remodel your home, but then you’ll have to live in it.

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