A homeowner has a higher chance of having a smooth remodel when they are doing business with a design-build contractor versus a general contractor.

KM BUILDERS is a Design-Build Contractor, but we are also a general contractor which means we can do any remodeling project that you need.

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Let’s list out some of the advantages of choosing a design-build firm like KM BUILDERS:


Design-Build Contractor: Our architects & designers obtained a formal education to get proper licensing to do their job.  

General Contractor: They will call themselves a designer, because of experience not because they are licensed. At the very least, you are robbing your remodeling project its full potential. And at the worst, you will have significant design problems.  


Design-Build Contractor: They are in charge of all elements of the project with in-house employees. So if anything goes wrong, you won’t have to chase down a subcontractor. You can talk to your contractor directly and get things straight.

General Contractor: A general contractor won’t have in-house employees so they will have sub-contractors. Because he is the middle-man, he is limited on moving the project along any faster than his subcontractors can handle it. Plus if you run into trouble, it can be a headache chasing the right subcontractor down without them pointing a finger to someone else.


Design-Build Contractor: When you choose a design-build contractor there is excellent communication throughout the entire process. So when you tell us your budget, our in-house staff can keep you to that price, but also give you options for upgrades in menu-based pricing to keep everything clear. We also have an in-house estimator, so we can give you an exact quote and stick to it.

General Contractor: A general contractor has to work with so many subcontractors that it is nearly impossible to stick with your budget. They don’t know how everyone is going to quote them so you could be forced to write extra checks.

These 3 points make the advantages to a design-build firm obvious. And these are just 3 points we are highlighting!

We still advise everyone to do your research and see what is going to work best for them, but hiring a design-build contractor is a sure way of getting a breathtaking remodel!

----KM Builders is San Antonio’s premier design-build remodeler specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, room additions and whole-house remodeling. We boast the largest in-house staff in San Antonio offering architectural design, interior design, and cabinet design for all your home remodeling needs!