Being forced to live in an awkward space is the worst...especially in your bathroom.

You may be desperately wanting to change the layout in your bathroom, but not willing to fork over a fortune to get what you want. But who said you had to pay a crazy price for what you want?


We always advise our clients not to set their limits of a project based on what they think it will cost.  Moving a toilet, sink, or shower, may not be as expensive or complicated as you may think.

The way to find out is to have a conversation with your contractor. Homeowners can then find out the actual cost of moving plumbing around in your bathroom. All of our clients who choose to rearrange their bathroom have never complained about the result, because they will never be faced with an odd bathroom setup again.

No matter what the project is, it is always worth talking to your contractor to see what everything costs to see if you can get all you want out of a remodeling project.

So call Keith out for a free consultation at 210-680-5626 so we can give you a better idea of what your bathroom remodel will cost you and then we can go from there!


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