5 Reasons Why You Need a Design Consultant / by Keith Moehle

You have torn out magazine pages, pinned to your Pinterest boards and searched on Houzz and are finally ready to start your remodeling project! Sometimes our clients know exactly what they want, but we still have a design consultant guide them through their project. Why you may ask?


Keep reading so we can break it down.

KM BUILDERS finds value in design consultants for every project. You may know what you want, but it’s not as easy as it seems to bring a picture from a magazine come to life. We want to ensure your project is tailored to your personal needs.


This is a short list of 5 reasons why you need a design consultant:

  1. Save Money: Designers do have a price, but they can guide you from making costly mistakes! If you want to keep the resale value in mind, designers can guide you to the halfway point between your vision and excellent resale value.

  2. Extensive Resources: Design consultants have lots of resources that won’t be open to the general public or even your builder. All of your designer's contacts can bring your space to another level.

  3. Thinks Outside the Box: A design consultant can expand your vision of a dream remodel 10 times over! When you bring your ideas to your designer, it becomes a collaborative effort. This results in the designer presenting you with something you may not have even known you wanted. Designers think outside of the box for a living, so they are ready to add to your ideas!

  4. Qualified Liaison: This is probably the most important part of having a designer. They can communicate with your contractor to ensure everything you want is implemented in the remodel. If you don’t have the designer to talk with the builder, you might not be getting what you want.

  5. Designer collaborations: You will have a design consultant who will guide you through your whole project, however you will also have licensed architectural and interior designers that will be working on your remodeling project. The architectural side will ensure everything is built correctly, while the interior side makes sure its built beautifully with your design consultant there from start to finish to make sure the process runs smoothly.

Some clients are hesitant to invest in any type of designer, but they never regret it once the project is complete because of the “5 Top Reasons” listed and many more! Start your remodeling project today with KM Builders and let us pair you up with a great design consultant!

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