When I need to fill up my tank, I will wait till I am on empty in search of the cheapest gas station. I don’t have a preference. I am just looking for the cheapest deal. However, this is the exact opposite mindset you should have when hiring a contractor!


The #1 thing to avoid choosing a contractor just because he offers you the lowest price. Hiring a cheap contractor can be an expensive mistake because their initial offer rarely comes out to what you actually pay.

Here are some reasons why this happens:

  • They will knowingly underbid you: Some contractors will give you a low price, only to come up with other fees later on during construction.

  • They are craftsmen, not businessmen: Some contractors will underbid you because they don’t know the real cost. They aren’t trying to be malicious, but it still leaves you to have to pay more than you expected to pay.

  • The quality of work: As construction is underway, you will start to notice the quality of work is sub-par. In some cases, you won’t notice anything wrong until the project is complete and the contractor may not be liable to fix any problems.

Because of the high-risk problems low bid contractors cause we highly recommend homeowners to do business with a reputable firm that has been around for a while, so you know what you are getting into!

KM BUILDERS is an honest contractor that will give you a fair quote upfront. We also do itemization and investigation of everything in your project to ensure that we can give you an honest bid and stick to the price. Call us at 210-680-5626 to do business with an honest contractor that has been around since 1984!

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