Why NOT to Low Ball Your Budget / by Keith Moehle

There are times when we cut corners to save a few bucks. Like the time we buy the generic Cheerios at the grocery store, and it leaves us disappointed the next morning. It’s a bummer, but you only lost $2.


However, when you are remodeling your house, it is essential to not low ball your budget. Otherwise, it will force homeowners to cut corners, and the cost will be much more significant than a $2 loss for a sub-par box of Cheerios.

When you set a impractical budget, it wont give you the results for an outstanding project. We advise our clients that if you can’t do it right then they should delay the project until they can afford it. We will still be in business when you are financially ready and you will be more satisfied that you did it the right way instead of just settling for a project that is not going to meet your wants and needs.

A common worry is that you will be spending  too much on a project, but in the past 34 years that KM BUILDERS has been in business, we have never heard anyone say “I got all the things I wanted, but we spent too much.” But we do hear our clients say, “I wish we would’ve done some of the things that you suggested” or “we should've done a bigger remodel since we were having it worked on already.”

We can assure you that you will not regret investing a few extra dollars a month to get a remodel that you need and deserve. When you commit to an outstanding remodel, the value simply transfers to your home. Plus, if its done correctly, you should be able to see the results of your investment when you sell your home!

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