Most homeowners are not aware that they can take steps to avoid remodeling pitfalls with their contractor. KM BUILDERS wants to give you some insight so you can prevent headaches during your remodel.

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Homeowners have a lot of power in their own remodel, and few know how to use this power. So we compiled a short list of things you can do as a homeowner while working with your contractor.

1. Make decisions promptly!

Some contractors will let you take your sweet time in choosing what you want when they have a hunch that products will be going up in price. For example, lumber has gone up 19% in the last year. So a delay in production can be a pricey luxury. This doesn't mean you have to rush the selection process! Just make decisions promptly, so products don’t rise in price. You can even ask your contractor if he feels that prices for your project have recently been increasing in price, so you have an idea of how quickly you need to decide.

2. Make sure your contractor orders enough materials!

This is not the time that you want to run out of materials. Things happen while on the job, so it's always a good idea to have your contractor order extra product in case something goes wrong. If there are any leftover materials,  you can store it for any future repairs because there is a slim chance you will ever find the exact materials again.

3. Make sure you have professional designs

You and your contractor have talked about what you want, but it may not be executed the way you envision without proper designs. A designer will be a liaison between you and your contractor to ensure that everything is clear between the two of you. They also have a higher level of expertise in this area compared to a homeowner and contractor so you both should turn to an expert if you want to be happy with the results.

Following these three steps can help keep your remodeling stresses to a minimum, which is what we all want when getting work done on our house!

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