Dual Master Suites / by Keith Moehle

In 2018, there has been an increasing demand for Dual Master Suites! Whether your parents or are moving back in, or kids are moving back into the house and they need their own space…so how do you do it?

Many homeowners are running into this same problem which can be solved with a Dual Master Suite which includes:

  • A Restroom

  • Closet(s)

  • A Sitting area

  • A Bedroom

  • A kitchenette (optional upgrade)

Carlson rebuild_0162_HiRes.jpg

Dual Master Suites are becoming more popular because so many Americans that need more space for parents or children moving back home for a while. Dual Master Suites can also work great for two parties with different salaries buying a home.

Dual Master Suites are the best of both worlds because both parties are able to have their own separate living space for privacy and peace of mind, but also are able to have places in the home where they can share each other’s space and spend time with each other!

If you are interested in adding a Dual Master Suite to your existing home call KM Builders today so we can talk about if it’s the right decision for you!

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