Enjoying Outdoor Living in the Texas Heat! / by Keith Moehle

Summer is one the most beautiful times of the year in South Texas, so don’t let the heat come between you and summer fun for your friends and family!

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Anything involving outdoor living is part of KM BUILDERS all-time favorite projects to do for our clients! We love bringing a relaxing environment for your outdoor living space and an essential part of this is staying cool on 100 degree days!

Let’s go over some options KM BUILDERS offers to keep you cool for the summer:

Installing Fans:

This is a simple, yet effective way to keep cool! We can mount outdoor fans to the wall or ceiling. Hint à We can install those HUGE fans in your own home to keep you just as cool as in a restraint patio!

Incorporating Shade:

Building an awning against your existing house or investing in a permanent patio cover or a cabana are both excellent ways to increase the shade in your outdoor space.

Misting Systems:

Misting Systems are one of our favorite outdoor living products! It provides a refreshing, cool mist which will make you want to stay outside forever! There are even systems that ensure that all moisture is evaporated! These systems can lower the ambient temperature up to 20 degrees!

Outdoor Rooms:

Outdoor rooms are amazing! We can install roll-up doors or accordion style doors to let the outside in. This type of enclosure allows for central heat/air to be installed making it the ultimate upgrade in regards to outdoor living comfort!

These are just some of KM BUILDERS solutions to keep our clients cool and refreshed under the Texas summer rays.  There are countless options for outdoor living and a professional designer like KM BUILDERS is aware of the latest and greatest products on the market as well as the pros & cons of each.

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